Thursday, October 21, 2010

this boy should be a model

I mean, i know everyone thinks that their baby is the cutest but i have to say...Jaks was meant to be a baby model. He smiles as soon as he sees the camera or a flash. He is so stinkin photogenic and cute. Ok, that was enough bragging from his momma.

Please look at this stinkin cute picture I took of him today. I love his boy!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tinsley Mae Hutson is HERE!!

At 10am Monday morning my sweet little niece Tinsley was welcomed into this world! She is just beautiful as EVER and perfect! I am so happy for my twinsie! She has two handsome little guys and now a beautiful daughter. I can't wait to spoil this little girl rotten. She is the 2nd girl of all of the grand kiddos...but with two more on the way maybe she will get some other girl cousins ;)

Jakson gets to meet her on Friday when we go over there! I will take some pics for sure!

Monday, October 11, 2010

HAppy birthday MOMMA!!

Today is my mom's BIRTHDAY! hAPPY birthday Mom and MIMI, we love you so much!!

Let me brag on her for a minute. My mom is the BEST :)She is so loving, giving, kind, sweet and funny. But beware for her freakouts, baahaha!! (thats an inside joke)

She is my best friend and such a wonderful support and role model in my life. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She is such and amazing Mimi as well. Her grandkiddos just ADORE her. She spoils them rotten of course :)Jakson just lights up when he sees her. We talk on the phone everyday! I love the relationship that we have and I hope to have the same relationship with my kids that my mom has with her kids.

i love you mom!!

We are so excited to celebrate you at dinner tonight...LOVE YOU!

Friday, October 1, 2010

fall is here, yippeeee!!

Wednesday was a high of 79 and i was SO excited that I totally cleared out jakson's summer clothes and put in all of his 12 month winter clothes. Some of them are still a tad too big that is ok. I am sure he will grow into them soon. I can't believe how big he is getting. i love it but it also makes me sad. it really does go by too fast. He has some cute fall/winter clothes. His closet and dresser are FULL and they are all from my sister ashley. We feel so blessed. I have bought some things just bc it is fun to shop for your little one but he doesn't "need" anything. THANKS ASH!!

Wednesday night we went to the state fair with my family. it was so much fun. when we first got there we took the boys on the carousel.
Jakson loved it

and jr and colton...not so much :) haha. Poor Jr would try to be tough and ride on everything and would then start crying as soon as it started.

We ate lots of unhealthy fair food and i had some wonderful heartburn. then we went to the Jake Ownes concert for a little bit.

Then we headed to the petting zoo where jakson got to look at cows and pet horses. He loved it!

then we watched some elephants, bears and dogs do some performing.

By the end of the night Jaks was pooped!! He did so great though. I think he enjoyed all of the people, loud noises, and bright lights :)

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