Monday, January 17, 2011

crafts, and other life updates :)

ever since i have gotten my sewing machine i love just playing around and reading TONS of tutorials.

So today while jakson napped, i decided to try out a felt flower clip since i had all of the materials on hand. i think it turned out super cute. it was SO cheap and SO easy and SO fun :)

Hair clip
so cute, right?! i am going to have fun with these suckers :)

after a trip to hobby lobby and lots of playing around, i made this bad boy. not sure if i will ever wear it...i really can't figure out if it is cute or not, hah.

(please excuse the picture quality and the no smile...the iphone isn't always the best for pictures)
i also made a hairclip out of the same flowers for my sister and her daughter but didn't take a picture.

this weekend was an awesome weekend :)
fRiDaY night was a DoUbLe dAtE night. a date night of any kind was SO needed. josh and i went to dinner with my twin and her hubs while our older sister and hubs babysat all of the kiddos. THANK YOU SISTER!!
i did end up getting really sick that night but i am SO thankful for a hubby that loves and takes care of me. he was so sweet to me and showed me his sweet servants heart when he took care of me into the wee hours of the morning. THANKS BABE! can i also just say that these past couple of weeks josh has really shown me that he is my biggest fan in ALL that i do. i love him!!
SaTuRdAy we were LAZY and enjoyed eachothers company. that evening we went to dinner with some wonderful friends who have an adorable little girl, kaydee. Kaydee will be exactly nine months apart from both of our boys. i joke around that now she has two Burfitt boys to choose from :) haha. anyways, we enjoyed the wonderful company and laughter that night. we had a delicious dinner at my new favorite pizza spot! i told josh we will be returning there..A LOT ;) hey, a preggo has to eat...

we have another DIY project in the making right now. i can't wait for it to be done and do a post on it. i have such a handy hubby and i am so thankful that he LOVES his awesome new saw and wants to make me whatever i want. YAY!!

Some other fun news..the couple who set josh and i up adopted a sweet little boy this past week. they have a very sweet story so if you would like to read it, check it out! We are so happy for them and will be praying for them as they begin this fun journey of parenthood. PTL!

i will end with a couple of recent pictures from my phone that make me so happy :]

here is jaks and his sunday school art work. i seriously can't believe that he is already in the mighty walkers class and is bringing home art work. PLEASE STOP GROWING UP!

the other night the dogs curled up on josh by the fire. it was too cute and i had to sneak a picture.
Lazy dogs by the fireplace
have a WONDERFUL week and a very happy monday :)
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Laina said...

That flower in your hair is beautiful!! And Jaks hat is so stinkin cute i can't believe he is bringing you home art already!

A-town said...

I'll wear it if you don't! Make me one. I want one. I want one.

Chrissi said...

you guys are so cute, and i'm with allison...I WANT ONE :)

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