Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

Oh my little Jakson, could you please stop growing up so fast?!

My boy is ALL boy. all he wants to do is be outside, get dirty and play in some water. a couple of weeks ago Josh and Robby built a railing to go around our porch. i love it. i can now put all of jakson's outdoor toys on the porch and not have to worry about him getting into something in the backyard. He now has his sprinkler, pool, cars and balls all on the backporch and i can lock him in. he is happy and i am happy :)
jakson is getting smarter by the day...

-he is getting to know who people are and can point to them.

-he can point to his nose, belly button and ears..yay!

-the other day my mom had him trying to moo like a cow. hahah, it was too funny.

-the other morning i was toasting bread in the toaster and when it popped up Jakson pointed at it and said, "uh oh!" it was so cute!

-he is now obsessed with books. I will trade out the books he has downstairs for books on his book shelf bc we end up reading the same book over and over and is a cute picture i took of my boys last night while reading Jakson's current favorite, Mr. Brown can Moo! Can you?
Makes me one proud momma :)


A-town said...

the boy is adorable what can I say

Lindsey and Dan Holzman said...

Troy won't go to bed at night until dan reads this book. dan actually reads the main parts and troy fills in the sounds and some of the words! its a great book. Everytime dan says "mr. brown can do it" Troy says "how bout you"! Love it!

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