Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life in Texas.

Hello again.

i have been talking about starting up my blog again since we moved to Texas, which has already been 4 months. << i can't believe that we have already been out here for 4 months!>> it totally intimidates me. i don't remember anything about how to blog so bear with me here, please :)

Now, where do i even start?

What have we been up to for the past 4 months?

For starters, just getting settled in our new home, which we LOVE!

We kinda played the guessing game when we moved out here and through research and trusting our realtor, we found a home we loved and got it! The timing worked out perfectly and we really felt like the Lord just laid it all out for us and we couldn't argue and trusted Him in the whole process. We are slowly getting projects done, filling up this beautiful home and making it ours. The boys LOVE it. It is a ranch style with lots of room for them to run around in. There is one room upstairs which is the playroom/guest suite when we have them :) I will do a post one day on our Josh's projects. I am so blessed to have a handy man as my hubby. He sure has fun working on fun little DIY's and i have fun watching him do it :)

We spent our first thanksgiving in Texas and drove to Fort Worth to be with some of Josh's family. It was a fun few days on their beautiful land. I love that we have some family within a few hours from us :)

We drove back to GA for Christmas. that didn't really go as planned. Unfortunately, i brought the flu with me. I passed it on to all of my boys, my parents, my sister and nieces and nephews. so that part wasn't fun and ruined almost every plan that we had made for the week but i was thankful that i got to spend some time with parents and family. Even if we did feel miserable.

my sweet little guys on Christmas Eve. Flu and all but i still got a smile :)

Then my parents got to come and spend a few days with us at the beginning of January. That was so fun and we got some good quality Mimi and Pop time.

We found a church that we are loving. We got involved in a small group with some other couples that we are getting to know more and more each week. I started attending a women's bible study once a week and have met some sweet women through it and am learning so much about myself and about the Lord.

I joined MOPS. They meet once a month and i have met some really sweet friends through it. I am looking forward to getting to know them all better!

Jakson started preschool here. He is loving it and learning so much. and making some little friends :)
getting ready for his first day of school :)

This city is so awesome in that there are neat little parks to discover. The library has a fun baby time class for the little ones that we have started going to every week. 

We are just a few houses away from the neighborhood park and pool so we are loving that. The boys love walking or riding something down to the park. We have made a few friends around the neighborhood so that has been fun and we are so excited for the pool this summer :)

So all in all we are really loving it out here in Texas and we are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us out here! The hardest part is missing family. We were so used to seeing them whenever we wanted to so having to facetime in on parties or just to talk has been weird but i am so thankful for technology. it is pretty amazing being able to see their faces while so far away!

A few weeks ago we got one of those phone calls that you would hope to never get in the middle of the night. My parents house had caught fire. Praise the Lord everyone made it out safely but they lost their beautiful home and almost everything the owned. I flew in town the next day with baby engine and we spent the week in GA loving on my parents and helping them out with whatever we could. It has been so very hard watching my parents and family go through this but the Lord just continues to show up through all of this. The community has been amazing in supporting them during this time. Now that i am back home i hate being so far away while they are going through this and slowly trying to figure out the next steps in this journey. So prayers for my parents and family during this time are so appreciated!!

Well, i think that sums it up for now.

This week is spring break and the weather is supposed to be beautiful so hopefully we will get in some fun park time with the boys!

Oh and did i mention that my baby is turning one on saturday. i still can't believe it, i just can't.
we are planning a fun little family day in Austin to celebrate our little man, so i am excited about that and i promise to blog about it!! :)
how was it almost a year ago that we welcomed this sweet baby into our lives?!


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