Friday, October 30, 2009

Nesting, Nesting...and some more nesting :)

So this weekend I will be 9 months pregnant!! I can't believe it is finally here. We went in yesterday for our appointment and the doctor was a little confused by my oddly shaped belly, haha. So he wanted to do an ultrasound bc this is the time that Jakson should be flipped if he is going to flip...even though he really could up until the due date, it just isn't most likely. I feel like I have been asking everyone I know to pray for Jakson and his big flip. It wasn't very comfortable having a butt on one side and a head on the other. So we went back to the doctor after lunch and they did a quick everyones surprise...Jakson's little head is DOWN where it needs to be :) Oh my gosh, I was sooooo excited. Even the ultrasound tech was shocked bc from the looks of my stomach you can't tell. It seems that Jakson is laying with his head down, his body is on the right side of my stomach and then his legs flip around to my left side. He is facing my back but turned to look at the camera and we saw his face!! It was so crazy...I can't wait to kiss that sweet face and hold him :) It doesn't look very comfortable but it is how he wants to lay. I am so thrilled and praising the Lord!! After the way I slept last night, I really think he JUST did this flip. My belly now looks pretty normal and I slept so great last night.

Jakson's room is ready for him...I have our bags packed and ready to go...haha, I am so ready for my little guy to make his big appearance!! Josh and I are so thrilled that it is getting so close.

I have been so thankful for having such a healthy pregnancy and I ask that you would pray that it continues throughout the end of it. Also, keep Jakson in your prayers...we appreciate them all.

We will finish our maternity pictures with my cousin Les this weekend. As soon as I get them, I will post them! She is so awesome and I can't wait to see them!

35 weeks :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can't believe I'm 8 months pregnant!

Haha, I just had to take this picture. He always gets in a ball on one side of my belly but this tops them all. Haha, I looked down and just had to grab my camera. 32 weeks and 2 days.

32 weeks prego :)

Josh and I at our "nacho" average baby shower!

Josh and I at the North Georgia Fair

Jr dancing at the Fair :]

Our new fence! This is the one of the gates to the fence.

This is what the rest of the fence will look like when he finishes it this weekend.

Our new fenced-in yard with 2 happy pups :)

I can't believe how close we are getting...less than 2 months away! Anyways, things are going well for us. Josh and my father-in-law built us a fence this past weekend and the dogs LOVE it! They get to stay outside and play! Unfortunately it started to rain again this week so if we do let them out they have to get a bath right after they play! But they are so excited to be able to run free outside.
I have three more weeks of babysitting and then I am taking a little break for some me time before the little boy makes his big arrival! My sleep is pretty crazy these days. Josh and I discovered that I sleep very well if I have a bath and my full body pillow. So we might just have to deal with a massive water bill before this baby gets here, haha.

We had our last baby shower a couple of weeks ago and got so many wonderful gifts. Josh and I truly feel blessed to have such amazing friends and family!

Josh and I went to the North Ga Fair last week with the my twin and her hubby and boys, and we had a blast. Billy Currington was in concert and he was awesome :)
This weekend we are celebrating my mom and Jr's birthdays, I can't wait!

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