Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jakson Earnest Burfitt

Josh and I made our way to the doctor on November 16th to get my blood pressure checked. It was still high and so the doctor came into the room and said, "alright, let's do it. We will induce you today and you will probably have a baby today or tomorrow." Josh and I both just sat there and let it sink in. So many emotions we were both feeling. We went and got our clothes and hospital things and made all of our phone calls to tell everyone the news. We got to the hospital and started my first round of cervadil at 3. I had it in for the full 12 hours and it wasn't really doing much. I started the next round at 6:45 the next morning. I guess it was about 10 that I started having contractions. The nurse came in about 11 and checked me and I was already 3 centimeters. Right then the contractions started coming one on top of the other and they let me get the epidural. Thank the Lord for those!! After that it didn't take long for me to get to 10. We started pushing at 2:30 and had little Jakson at 3:42! How exciting that moment was!! He was a tiny little guy weighing 5lbs 7oz and measuring 19 inches and ADORABLE!!

Our hospital stay was a little longer than expected. He ended up having jaundice and we had to stay from Tuesday until Sunday. I was a little emotional at times and ready to get out of there but we made it! I wanted to let out a "YIPPEEEE" when they told us we could go home Sunday morning. It was probably the best news ever, and the fact that it was our one year anniversary made it even more special!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Enjoying some J&E time...

Our river date

ready for my Jakson!

Franky boy enjoying the River

The beautiful sky through the trees while we did some grilling!

Josh and the pups enjoying the fire!!

So yesterday officially marks my 37 weeks of pregnancy. Which means Jakson is FULL TERM!! Looking back to when I was 6 weeks pregnant I wouldn't have even imagined getting to this point because it seemed so far away, and now it is here. I am just so excited to finally get to see my little boy and hold him and kiss him...oh I can't wait!! I know I need to enjoy these few weeks though. Everyone will tell you to sleep all you can, enjoy the time with just you and your husband- so we are doing it! I sleep in whenever I can, we sleep in on Saturdays and if I get tired, I take a nap! And Josh and I are doing things that we can only imagine will be a little more difficult to do once Jakson is here with us! BUT it is so hard to not daydream every minute about my little guy and to be so anxious for his arrival. So it seems like it will take forever since I am counting down the minutes until he gets here :) I just can't help it!!

This weekend we had our friends Mike and Jessica over for dinner and had so much fun with them! We played a game that Josh actually likes, Apples to Apples! I am so excited because he doesn't really like any games besides scrabble. Then on Saturday we were lazy around the house and then went to the river to let the dogs play and eat some lunch. Then we went to Josh's parents house for dinner for his Dad's Birthday. We had a yummy dinner and dessert and played some Wii~ It was a fun night! Then on Sunday we went to my grandma's house to celebrate the November birthdays. And Josh and I had our own mini cookout last night so we could enjoy the amazing weather!

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