a little about us

Hey there, my name is Elizabeth. I am married to the love of my life, Josh. We met on a blind date and it has been love ever since! We dated for about 7 months, were engaged for 4 months and then married! We found out three months after being married that we were expecting our first baby!
Jakson was born on Novemeber 17, 2009. We brought him home from the hospital on our one year anniversary.
Our Jakson is a crazy little guy full of joy and lots of energy-- He is an amazing blessing to the both of us. He loves to play ball, play in water, go for runs and get as dirty as he possibly can.

Our little Henry was born on May 19, 2011. He is a sweet little guy with an amazing giggle and smile. He is SO loved by his big brother jakson. Henry loves to eat, sleep, poop and be held :) hahha, oh the life of a baby!

The two boys are 18 months apart. We are in for some FUN and CRAZY times ahead of us, i am sure!

I love the Lord, my husband, our babies, my family, running, eating, Chick-fil-a, sweet tea, being a stay at home momma,  sewing trying to sew, cooking, baking, driving in the jeep with my hubby, taking pictures, and spending time with my family and friends. We also have 2 stinky mutts, Frank tank and Lola bug. (they are spoiled rotten along with Jakson) My blog is about my fun and exciting life as a stay at home mom with two little guys! It's not always easy and glamorous but I wouldn't change it for the world :)
(jaks- 12 months)

jaks-19m. henry-1m

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