Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All About Henry

Now, on to our second little man-- Henry Tate also known as HT, Hen, HenHen, Henny and "Honrey"~thanks to jaksonian for that one :)

I can't believe that this tiny guy is already 7 1/2 months. He sure is a smiley little guy just like his brother always was. I swear henry is determined to be running around with his brother as soon as possible!

I haven't been blogging his monthly updates like I did with jaks. it is impossible to find time to blog. these boys keep me moving that is for sure. So here is what henry tate is up to~

He is still in size 2 diapers and wears a few 3-6 month clothes but mostly 6 months.

He weighs around 16.6 lbs according to my scale. he is a little booger!

henry tate at 5 months
Henry started crawling at 6 months.

He got his first two teeth at 6 months. (this totally shocked me bc Jakson didn't get any teeth until 11 months)

He started pulling up 7 months. and he now pulls up and tries to cruise along the furniture. He loves to stand up while holding onto your fingers and tries to walk.

 If you stand him up and let go of him he will stand for a second or so! I will be shocked if he doesn't start walking soon.
{It is so funny to see him doing this stuff bc he is so tiny. it just looks like that shouldn't be happening yet!}

He loves the water. bath time is his favorite :)

Henry loves his brother and cracks up at him all of the time. We will be driving in the car and the two of them will just be cackaling at each other in the back, i love those moments!

He hated baby food just like jakson. He would throw up after eating rice cereal and hated the texture of baby food. So at about 6 1/2 months he wasn't eating food and was wanting to nurse every hour or so..i was stressed and tired. then one day he decided that he wanted to start eating table food. Now as long as whatever we are eating is soft enough he can just eat with us! I love this because i am not stressing about trying to feed him and myself. he feeds himself and makes a big ol' mess!

Henry now loves the dogs and loves crawling all over them and getting lots of slobbery kisses :)

oh and he is still bald with some fuzz!

We love you sweet baby boy! Hopefully it won't take me so long to do your next update :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

All About Jakson.

This post is all about Jakson. our happy little two year old who is also known as jaks, jaksonian, wild man, jak jak, mess, booger and little man.

I love this dude. He is such a joy to be around...most of the time ;) He is a little shy around people he doesn't know very well and an entertainer when around those he knows very well. (just like mommy and daddy)

He learns new words everyday. He gets to talking fast and speaks his usual gibberish but then he will throw in a real word every now and then.

He can kind of say his ABC's...and it is adorable! (thank you to Super Why for that!)

He loves his family. The little guy is so blessed with amazing great grandparents and grandparents that love him so much! He has 2 cousins on Josh's side who we wish he could see more bc they have so much fun when we get together. They live about 3 hours away so we get to see them every couple of months or so. He has 7 cousins on my side of the family and it is CRAZINESS when they all get together. and jakson loves them all. and of course he loves all of his awesome aunts and uncles too!

He is obsessed, and i mean OBSESSED, with Super Why or "Bupper Why" as Jaks would say. Oh my goodness, Josh and i are soooo tired of those same 4 episodes on OnDemand and i could probably quote them by heart. But when that sweet little guy gets that look on his face while he hands you the remote and then says "bupper why, bupper why, bupper why." You can't help but change the channel to Bupper Why. He is even learning letters from watching super why which is why i am thankful that he is obsessed with an educational show.

He knows blue, red, yellow and green.

He loves anything with water in it!

He loves all things boy-- balls, bats, cars, big trucks and dirt.

He loves to dress and undress himself.He loves shoes and always puts them on the right feet.

His socks have to be on perfectly. they have to feel right or he freaks out until you get it right. (he totally got that from me)

He goes to preschool 3 days a week. He loves his friends in his class and his teacher. He learns so much and it is a great little escape for him!
swimming with mommy in gulf shores
He loves sleep but only when he is in his own bed. Vacations aren't really relaxing these days. He will go to sleep and then wake up screaming in the middle of the night. We can try to calm him down, walk around, turn on the tv, lay him in bed with us, give him milk...nothing works. we can't figure it out and i don't know if we ever will. i am really hoping it is something that he will grow out of soon.

He recently learned how to climb out of his crib so we are in the process of making his nursery into his big boy room! I can't wait to see how he adjusts to the change.
at the cartersville parade with daddy
He is his daddy's mini-me. We get comments every where we go about how much they look alike. and the funny thing is we see a lot of Josh in Jakson's personality as well.

He loves his little brother. he still likes to love on his brother but there have been some changes recently. Henry now crawls and pulls up on to everything and jakson likes to push him away or give him a gentle nudge every now and then. We are working on that...but i know this is only the beginning of the brotherly love :)

I can't believe that our once 5lb 7oz baby is now our tall and skinny jakson man!

Mommy and daddy love you!!

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