Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here is our Easter in pictures :)
i tore jaks away from a toy to take this picture so of course he refused to smile :)

ohh two year olds. they're super fun ;)

little henry found his first easter eggs!

this is what i would call an easter egg fail :)

daddy and jaks hunting those eggs!

i love the Culp family and i am so glad they came to our Easter celebration!!

Les being sweet and hanging out with little henry

my parents brought home confetti eggs from Texas. they are awesome!! we kind of looked like crazy people, running around and smashing eggs full of confetti on everyone's heads.

hahaha :) a little in-law love


henry with his Gigi!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

whoop, whoooop, spring is HERE!

i am super excited for this spring and summer.

last spring i was WAY prego and just tired and ready to have that baby boy.
then that sweet baby arrived in May.
which meant last summer i had to deal with my newly postpartum body and the summer heat with a tiny newborn.

seriously, can't believe he used to be that tiny and wrinkly :)

so THAT is why i am so excited for this spring and summer. i can run around with my boys, be an active momma, and feel good about myself. YAY, it is going to be SO fun!

i am kind of stressing a bit about the pool with two boys running around who don't know how to swim but that it where LOTS of floaties come in...boys, get ready to be floatied out everywhere we go :)

so far this spring has been full of backyard muddiness, playing in the water hose and water table, swinging and sliding on our backyard play set, jeep rides around town, runs in the park with mommy and daddy, walks around the neighborhood in our red wagon and playing with friends down at the river!

oh and to add to the spring fun, i will be going to New York at the end of this month with my momma and sisters for a girls weekend!! thanks to my hubby for allowing me to do this...i am sooooo stinkin excited! i am already preparing for how much i am going to miss my boys but i know that i will have a blast and that they will be in good hands!
that boy is way too good to me :)


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