Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jakson's first day of school

Our Jaksonian started school a month ago. And yes, this slacker momma is just now blogging about it :)

He is loving all of his new friends and teachers and is already learning so much!

walking in with daddy

the little booger would NOT smile for a picture

but he would show off his "White-teen" bandaids, aka lightning mcqueen ;)

showing daddy to his classroom

our big boy!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

baby #3

Yes, it is true, i am pregnant with our third sweet baby! 

In case you want to ask...
yes, we know how babies are made.
yes, we know they grow up.
and yes, we will have three kids pretty close in age.

and YES i am excited about it :) 

when we started having kids we knew that we wanted to have them all pretty close together. this timing of baby 3 wasn't quite as we had planned but the Lord obviously knows our plans better than us. We are trusting in HIS perfect timing. 

so if you think we are crazy, well, we probably are but that is ok. i like our crazy :)

Baby 3 is due March 21, 2013

thanks for all of the sweet comments. we are excited to add one more baby to this crazy bunch!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm back

I can't believe it has been almost three months since i have posted on my blog. Finding the time to blog these days seems impossible. When i think about sitting down and doing a post, something else comes into my mind that i need to do. But the truth is, i miss my blog. i love just browsing through old post and laughing about memories that i had forgotten about...so i am back at it! 

So much has happened since my last blog post. henry turned ONE! we went on a couple vacations. we started our awesome garden. and we stayed super busy with the summer. 

i am going to try and fill in the blog with some events that i should have posted about but never did. 

But for now here are a few pictures of my boys...

our happy little henry.

wild man, Jakson

jakson's first ride on the tractor. he loves it!
i love this face :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

jakson talk.

this video is for all of you who haven't heard jakson tell a story. the kid talks and talks and thinks that you should understand every word. hilarious. enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here is our Easter in pictures :)
i tore jaks away from a toy to take this picture so of course he refused to smile :)

ohh two year olds. they're super fun ;)

little henry found his first easter eggs!

this is what i would call an easter egg fail :)

daddy and jaks hunting those eggs!

i love the Culp family and i am so glad they came to our Easter celebration!!

Les being sweet and hanging out with little henry

my parents brought home confetti eggs from Texas. they are awesome!! we kind of looked like crazy people, running around and smashing eggs full of confetti on everyone's heads.

hahaha :) a little in-law love


henry with his Gigi!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

whoop, whoooop, spring is HERE!

i am super excited for this spring and summer.

last spring i was WAY prego and just tired and ready to have that baby boy.
then that sweet baby arrived in May.
which meant last summer i had to deal with my newly postpartum body and the summer heat with a tiny newborn.

seriously, can't believe he used to be that tiny and wrinkly :)

so THAT is why i am so excited for this spring and summer. i can run around with my boys, be an active momma, and feel good about myself. YAY, it is going to be SO fun!

i am kind of stressing a bit about the pool with two boys running around who don't know how to swim but that it where LOTS of floaties come in...boys, get ready to be floatied out everywhere we go :)

so far this spring has been full of backyard muddiness, playing in the water hose and water table, swinging and sliding on our backyard play set, jeep rides around town, runs in the park with mommy and daddy, walks around the neighborhood in our red wagon and playing with friends down at the river!

oh and to add to the spring fun, i will be going to New York at the end of this month with my momma and sisters for a girls weekend!! thanks to my hubby for allowing me to do this...i am sooooo stinkin excited! i am already preparing for how much i am going to miss my boys but i know that i will have a blast and that they will be in good hands!
that boy is way too good to me :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

jakson has bee-boo's on his knee and elmo :)

i love the way jakson talks right now. i want to remember this sweet little voice forever :)

this is jakson talking to momma on the way home from school about his Bee-Boo's on his elmo and knee. i just love him.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Moments i want to remember...

We have been trying to enjoy this gorgeous weather as much as we can.

jaks is loving the dendelions.

of course he was holding my keys :)

Yesterday his teacher told me that after snack time he had laid down like he wanted a nap. so after lunch i tried to get him to take a nap. of course he fought it so i gave up and we played outside. around 4 he was playing in the living room and i noticed that he was very quiet. i came in and found this...

{a little side note-- i have an accountability group that i meet with every thursday night. so on thursdays josh puts the boys to bed...so he would rather jakson not nap so late so that he actually goes to bed on time}

So trying to be a good little wife i tried to wake him up by uncovering him and giving him some nudges...
that obviously did nothing...
So i gave it one more shot and tried to change his diaper and this is what i got when i was all done...
the kid was OUT.

So after that i figured he just really needed a nap. i took him up the stairs and laid him in his bed and he took a good hour and a half nap. i have never seen him so sleepy.

That's all. We are now off to enjoy this beautiful day.

have a wonderful weekend

Monday, March 12, 2012

playing at the park

The weather here has been amazing. i SOO wish it would just stay this way but i am sure that this flip flopping from warm to cold isn't over yet! 

The other day we met Jakson's Mimi and Aunt Ashley and gang for lunch at Chick-fil-A and then we headed over to the park. it was a wonderful way to get the kiddos nice and tired for a good night sleep :) we love living pretty close to his cousins! the weather was perfect and the kids had a blast!

ash and her crew :)
 Funniest moment of the day~

i changed henry and then sat him down and wondered why he had not crawled away yet...and quickly realized why. hahah, his flustered momma put his two legs in one pant leg, hahah, whoops :) 
it did make for some funny pictures though. my sweet little guy didn't even make a peep. he just sat there like, will someone help me?! love that boy.

aww, poor dude.

and this is what pictures are like these days. this little 2 year old wants nothing to do with them. 

holding "jakson's keys" ( or so he thinks..)
 pretending to drive is his favorite these days. there is always a tantrum being thrown when he can't get in the front seat of the car to "drive" 

yep, thats happiness right there. 

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

kitchen remodel (better late than never)

After we had Henry we decided to do some work on our kitchen. it was the last room in the house that could really use some updating. the counters were a beautiful hunter green and the cabinets boxed in the kitchen to make it feel closed off and tinier than it already was. So of course the husband took on the project with his best friend Jason. They were going to knock it out in one saturday and just retile the counters. HAH. about 2 hours after i had left the boys i got a text from Josh that read, "i tried to call you..." and had a picture attached. i was nervous. the picture was of our cabinets completely taken off out of the kitchen. whoa. and our little 2 hour project turned into a 2 month project :)

but it was so worth it. It took a little bit longer than we would have liked since josh works an 8-5 job and has a family that he would like to spend time with at night and on the weekends. but it did get finished and i think it was under 2 months that it was in progress. it looks awesome now. it totally opened up the whole house and really gives it a completely different feel. i think this will really help when we do try and sell our house.

here are our before and after pics...


check out that beautiful green tile :)

and our lovely cabinets that closed off the kitchen.

of course jaks had to get in there and help

IN THE PROCESS... we lived like this for a little while :/ lots of pizza's and microwave meals.

Josh painted the walls, fixed the cabinets to really open it up, put in granite tiles on the counters and did the same granite on the backsplash, widened the counter tops and put in new cabinet handles. WAY TO GO HUBBY!!

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