Saturday, August 18, 2012

baby #3

Yes, it is true, i am pregnant with our third sweet baby! 

In case you want to ask...
yes, we know how babies are made.
yes, we know they grow up.
and yes, we will have three kids pretty close in age.

and YES i am excited about it :) 

when we started having kids we knew that we wanted to have them all pretty close together. this timing of baby 3 wasn't quite as we had planned but the Lord obviously knows our plans better than us. We are trusting in HIS perfect timing. 

so if you think we are crazy, well, we probably are but that is ok. i like our crazy :)

Baby 3 is due March 21, 2013

thanks for all of the sweet comments. we are excited to add one more baby to this crazy bunch!

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