Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jakson and Santa.

3 weeks old and as teeny tiny as could be. oh, and passed out the entire time :)


as you can tell...jakson was the LEAST bit interested in Santa.

It was so funny. he wasn't scared, sad, or freaked out...just not interested.
haha, we couldn't get a smile out of him at all!! (that's not normal for this child)
I'm sure in the coming years he will start to be afraid of sitting in Santa's lap. Those will make for some great pictures :)

p.s update on his dr appt yesterday-- he weighs 22 lbs(50%). he is 30 1/4 in(50%). and his large head is 19 and somethin...ill have to look again. (anways, its still in the 90%) hahaha, all of those brains! Doctor said he was just perfect and right where he needs to be. He got 2 shots. I am so THANKFUL for a healthy child. I know i need to be counting my blessings. the Lord is so good :)
hope you all have a terrifc tuesday,

Monday, November 29, 2010

so thankful.

This Thanksgiving we were with my family and we decided to change it up a bit and go here...

WhAt a BlAsT! It is basically a really nice hotel but instead of a regular ole pool, you get a waterpark...

which made for one very happy little boy...

all of my immediate family went on this vacay and here we are :)

We all stayed in one big suite. so it was a kitchen, living room with a full murphy bed and a pull our couch, one room with 2 fulls beds, bunk bed, pull out couch and 3 pack and plays, and the other room had two full beds. oh and 3 bathrooms. so it was pretty huge but still pretty tight with all of us but SO much fun!

We all brought our stuff to make some part of thanksgiving so we still got a yummy and huge thanksgiving meal. just got to go play at a waterpark after our thanksgiving naps!
jaks chillin on the porch in the beautiful weather

josh and jaks enjoying the water park

in the little kid area where i spent most of my time

Jaks on the see-saw in the water

They had a baby area, kid area, wave pool, a few rides(they were too rough for the preggo's to ride on), and a surf ride.
Here is josh surfing away. the boys LOVED this...

We had a blast! thanks mom and dad for an awesome trip. i just love my family and love how close we all are. you don't find that too often with a family of 5 kids. we are all friends and get along!

my sweet family...

i have so much to be thankful for. i have a wonderful husband who puts up with me :) i have an ADORABLE one year old who is a ball of energy and such a happy and healthy boy. and i have another sweet baby growing in my belly. and i mean growing. haha, or maybe just i am. i definetly have a belly at 15 weeks. didn't even look pregnant yet at the this time with jakson, but i'm loving it! i have an awesome family and a wonderful "in-law" family. a roof over our heads, bills paid and food on our table and most importantly the good Lord who LOVES me even though i am SO unworthy.. God is so good!

we started the christmas decorating madness yesterday. i didn't realize how hard it was going to be with jakson running around. he pulls at the tree and all of the decor he can reach. we already broke a snowman...oh boy! anyways, the house is chaos right now. hope to have it all put together in the next day or two...gotta get busy during his naps!

and the poor guy has his 1 year today, which means shots :( no fun! he hasn't been feeling very good lately though so i am wondering if he just teething or has another ear infection. we shall see. speaking of teething...i think he is the only one year old with only two teeth. haha, late developer i guess :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shutterfly for Christmas cards and gifts!

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you all about how much i love shutterfly. For me it is the first place i go to put my pictures after they are uploaded onto my computer. It is an awesome and easy way to share my photos.
PLUS, it is an added bonus that they have cool things that you can do with your pictures...
~You can make a mug with your favorite picture on it in a matter of minutes for CHEAP!
~For all of you expecting moms they have the cutest baby announcements and for super cheap!
~And i LOVE their calenders. This is an awesome idea for Christmas gifts because it is personal and so cute!

And saving the best for last, their Christmas Cards are the CUTEST! Plus, they make it so easy to pick exactly what you want. You can refine your choices to all of your preferences and they will show you the cards that are perfect for you!
This year I plan on using their Christmas cards with mulitple pictures on it bc we are going to use the pictures from Jakson's 1 year photo shoot, and she got some really cute ones of just Jakson and there are some great ones of our whole family. So, as of right now, I plan on using a few different pictures.

Here are just a few of my favorites...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jakson's FIRST birthday party, wohooo!!

We celebrated our boy's 1st birthday this weekend :) It was SO fun but boy am i glad it is over! My sister in law checked my blood pressure right before the party and it was pretty stinkin high. I don't know why i let myself get so stressed out but i do!! o well, it went great and i think everyone had a great time! And my biggest fear didn't come true...we didn't run out of food :)

The guest of honor, did I mention that he is up to 7 steps now :)

We did a train theme for Jakson's party. Here are some pictures of the set up. Most of the decor was homemade and super cheap and easy.

The CAKE. my sister Chrissi and I did this. i must say, i am proud of our masterpiece. it took us just about forever to make :)

The food station. get it, like as in train station :)

The drink station

Dining room table

The birthday banner

The mantle

It is kind of hard to see but I had all of Jakson's 1-12 month pictures hanging

Instead of doing gifts we asked for donations to compassion international. The Lord had shown me that this was what he wanted me to do instead of getting gifts. As much as we think sometimes that we are in need, we are not in need at all. There are other kids around the world who don't know when their next meal will be, have no toys and don't even have clean water. We are so spoiled. I look around at all that we have and know that this is WAY more than enough. (k, sorry, that was my tangent for the day) I was led to give our money to the part of compassion that gives pregnant moms supervision for their deliveries. That may be actually going to a clinic or hospital or getting someone to come to them for their delivery. It saves lives and gives these babies a chance to come into this world.

I am excited to say that we raised 475 dollars!! That means that 5 women are going to get supervision during their birth. I am SO excited, PRAISE THE LORD!! And a HUGE thanks to all of you who donated money!

Jakson did get a few cute gifts, here are some pictures of us opening his presents

Josh and I got Jakson a WAGON!! Josh wanted him to have one so badly and we know that it will be so fun for things like the beach, the fourth of july and shoot- just to walk down the block :) Jakson LOVED it! Here is a picture of my cutie chillin in his new wagon. good job daddy!!

CAKE TIME!! I am thankful for my good friend Allison who took these pictures for me :) My camera was hiding during some of the party. PLUS, when you are throwing a party there are a lot of things that slip your mind. There were over 50 people at the party...so just imagine all of those faces staring at you while you are supposed to eat a cake. I think jaks was a little crowd shy and didn't dig into his cake so much as he would with just us. (or maybe he just didn't like the smash cake i made him. haha, doubtful. the kid could live off of sugar if i let him)

We don't get to see Josh's family too often. His parents now live in Alabama and his sister lives in South Carolina so we were SO excited that they all got to come for the party. Here is the picture of all of us!

A HUGE thank you to everyone that came to Jakson's party. We are so blessed with an amazing and loving family and awesome friends. Jakson is loved on by so many. You guys made his day so special :))

Monday, November 22, 2010

happy two years.

This time two years ago i was getting ready to marry the man of my dreams :)

Then later that day, married my BEST friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Joshua Earnest Burfitt

and had the wedding and reception of MY DREAMS...

Then this time last year we were bringing this sweet bundle of PURE joy home

i can't believe it has already been two years..time flies when you are having fun! Our first year of marriage brought us our sweet little baby boy and we found out during our second year that we are going to add another little one to our family.

i love josh. not only is he an amazing husband who treats his wife like a princess but he is also an amazing father. i love watching him with jakson. he just lights up when he is with him or even just talking about him. he is an awesome dad and i can't wait to see what the years bring us. he works SO unbelieveably hard to provide for and to support our family. this next year is going to be so fun as we become a family of FOUR! i love you Josh and am so happy that you were brought into my life.

haha, love you baby

p.s. this is the first picture we ever took together. hahaa, i was working for red bull and in college and falling fast for this man. josh was out of college and working for AUS already. i love this picture.

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