Monday, November 15, 2010

2 years with my man

Josh suprised me a couple of weeks ago and told me that he was taking me to a B&B in chattanooga for an early 2 year present AND he already taken care of arrangements for Jakson. He did so great :)
We left Jakson with my parents on Thursday night and headed up to Chatty in Josh's newest toy, his jeep wrangler :) We stayed Thursday night with our friends Alaina and Robby and had a great time catching up with the two of them. Then on Friday we just explored. We went to breakfast,then to Rock City, then we headed to lunch and then checked in to our B&B.

rock city!

Our B&B, The Chanticleer Inn, was BEAUTIFUL. It is directly across the street from Rock City and nestled in the beautifully colored trees on the mountain. It was so cute and so pretty! Our room was adorable and had a fireplace next to the bed. Josh did so great picking this place for me :) Totally my style!

We headed downtown Friday night for a nice seafood dinner. Funny story--while we were getting our drinks the waitress spilt my ice water ALL OVER ME. Needless to say, I was freezing the entire night but thankful for our free fried calamari and that it was only water and not my sweet tea in her other hand ;) She appoligized all night. I felt horrible for her..accidents happen!!
Josh and I before we headed to dinner :)

After a yummy dinner we headed across the street and saw Due Date. We never get to see movies together anymore so we decided to take advantage of it!

We woke up Friday morning and i discovered the best part of staying at a B&B, the breakfast :) Yummm...french toast drenched in all kinds of goodness.

Then we headed down the mountain and headed back. We grabbed lunch, enjoyed the amazing weather with the jeep by taking the doors off. Then we stopped by the CRAZY toys r us, and got presents for our sweet boy who is turning 1 on Wednesday..I just can't believe it. I even cried a tad while standing in line with his presents. This first year FLEW by.

We came home to a sick boy :( He is not himself. He is waking up in the middle of the night screaming his head off and not napping and just a grumpy boy...We go to the dr at 3 today, I think we might be dealing with our first ear infection :(


A-town said...

Happy almost 2 yr! I want to drive that jeep!

Chrissi said...

aww, poor little jakson. we enjoyed having him here friday :) so happy for you to have celebrated your 2-year in such a fun way (way to go Josh!!). LOVE YOU STER!!

Laina said...

I'm so glad y'all had fun! your b&b looked beautiful! So sorry jaks isn't feeling well, you better get him better by Sat :) love ya!

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