Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy birthday to my Jakson Man!!!

happy 2nd birthday jakson :]

Wow, where do i even begin!?

i can't believe that my baby is two already!! My jaksonian is growing up way too fast.

Jakson amazes me daily with new things he learns and says. He still talks a whole bunch of gibberish but he will say new words and i just want to cry. i am going to be one sad mom when he actually starts saying full sentences. i love it when he talks gibberish and then looks at me like i should know exactly what he just said :) i love my little man.

I haven't done one of these in forever so i thought this would be fun...

Jumping bean. crazy boy thinks it is hilarious to jump as high as he can and land on his bum. He has even started doing this off of the couch. yup, he is fearless.

Awesome. he pretty much rocks my world. this little man is seriously awesome!

Kind hearted. He always says hi to everyone we pass even when he has no clue who they are and i love it. he always wants to give kisses and hugs to family and friends. he really is a sweetie :)

Sassy. yep, lets be honest. he can go from being the sweetest boy to throwing a temper tantrum in seconds. all i can say is he is a true two year old. i know that no matter what i will miss all of these moments one day.

Otter?!? Well, otters love water right ;) this boy would be in water constantly if i let him. any chance he gets to get in some water he will take. even if he is fully clothed :) just say the word "bath" and he darts for his tub.

Nuts. hahah. he is craaaazy at times. i always describe him as a mess and a wild man. its true, and we love him for it!

jakson is an amazing big brother.
it is adorable watching his love for his little brother
 the constant hugs and kisses.
jakson cleaning up his spit up.
jakson saying, "you o-tay, you o- tay?" when henry coughs.
getting him his paci when he is crying.
henry is the FIRST thing jakson looks for when he wakes up
and is always the last one he kisses at night.

i love being his number one lady!

daddy and his boys!
He is such a daddy's boy. He is always wanting to do what daddy is doing. One of his favorite things to do is play with daddy's tools since that is what daddy does. Which is why i am SO excited about his birthday present that daddy made him. little man is going to LOVE it and i have a feeling that he is going to be helping daddy out a lot now. {i will do a post on his awesome gift after he opens it tonight}




Tuesday, November 8, 2011

let's play a little game of catch up!


We took the boys trick or treating with some friends from church and had so much fun!

jakson was a lion!

henry was an adorable banana

This past weekend was our HalF MaRaTHon!! 

Thursday afternoon i took the boys to their Gran and PoppE in Alabama. I did fine until i was in the car talking to my sister after i dropped them off and I boo-hoo'ed!! But i knew they were in great hands and were going to have a blast! (and of course they did!)

I picked up the hubby and we started our trip down to tybee island!

josh and I in our ride for the weekend...SOOO fun!

We had a blast :) We did some karaoke, hung out on River Street, had some fun times with family and friends, ate yummy seafood, oh and ran a half marathon!!

Of course i missed my boys like crazy but it was so fun getting in some adult time the whole weekend.

This was Josh's first half marathon and my fourth. Josh and i had a goal of beating my best time of 1:53 and we did it!! Thanks to my awesome motivator, we finished hand in hand, at 1:46:06! I wasn't super happy with my performance during the race but i was very happy with our time! I have loved training with Josh for this half and can't wait for our next one! 

i stole our finish line picture off of the internet. hubby held my hand as we crossed the finish line. <3 my sweet man :) 

Here is a picture of our group ready to celebrate Saturday night after the race!
i know you are all digging my brothers mustache, hahha!

dad and his gals on River Street. ( and creeper bobby in the back)
my man!
momma mel and i with our medals

anne and chrissi with their (heavy) medals! 

Josh and i headed home pretty early sunday morning to go and get our boys that we were missing so much! We met up at Bass Pro Shops in Alabama. So of course we had to go inside to do some browsing :)

jaks and daddy. we missed this sweet face!!

p.s-- i can't believe that our jaksonian will be 2 in a couple of weeks!!

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