Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jakson's first word- DaDa (:

Jakson said his first word yesterday, "DaDa"
He LOVES it and it is basically all he says now.
It is so cute and of course his daddy is just glowing...
Enjoy this video of our sweet boy.
i just LOVE him!

Click here to view this video

Click here to view this video

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is with this laziness?!

So I have to admit. I did so great training for my half marathon. I busted my butt for it and did better than I thought I ever would. Then it was over and I had nothing else to train for and my laziness is HORRIBLE! We even pay for my gym membership every month...I have got to put this to a stop.

Today I told myself that I just need to go to the gym and just ease myself back into the routine. So when childcare started at 4, i was there. Jakson did so great. I just handed him right over and he could have cared less. The girl even remembered him and commented on how BIG he is now. Err, yeah I think he weighed about 6 pounds less the last time he was there, ooopsy.

All I did was run a few miles today...but tomorrow I am going to start Making the Cut!

My baby weight has been gone but having a baby changed a lot of areas on my body :/ and not for the better~time to work on those! I did a couple of these workouts at my parents house last week and really liked them. I have to plan workouts around the childcare time and when it isn't slammed but my goal will be to go 4 days a week. I will keep you posted on how I do with this. Then in August I will start training for another half at the end of October.

So after this post is it bad that tomorrow I am going to bake Bakerella's Peanut Butter Cup Cake?!? YUMMMMMY. that is all i can say :]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House projects

... i mean, do they ever end?!

Our bathroom, new roof, dog house and fence were our last big projects. and I must say we are loving all of them :)

We started to tackle our garage about a month ago. We had a garage sale and got rid of so much furniture and my hubby was able to buy a new kayak with the money we made. Plus, I got a little cash to spend ;) the garage is empty of furniture and we added some organzing shelves and a garage freezer--greatest thing EVER. Then this past weekend we finally sold the BOAT! Now we can see our garage and actually use more of the driveway.

And now...tada, I can park my car in the garage. It is awesome!

Tonight Josh and my dad are going to work on getting a new back door put in and then this weekend we should get the hardwood floors put in and the mud room should be DONE! I am so excited to have this part of our house complete.

We are also working on our grass right now. Our dirt in the front yard is rediculously hard and will not grow grass. So last weekend josh tilled up the yard, put down seed and straw and now we have to water it daily in hopes that grass will start to sprout in a couple of weeks.

I will keep you updated!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

daddy and his little buddy :)

Here are some pictures I took of Josh and Jakson after church on Sunday. They were both in white polo's and it really was unplanned! I couldn't help but take some pictures of them! They look more and more alike with every passing day. I love it!

Here is one of me and Jaks

Here is a picture of Jakson in his car seat with all of his "things". We always have to keep him loaded with toys in the car seat. He is so adorable!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy six months, baby boy!

Wow, I seriously can't believe that you were born 6 months ago. Your mommy and daddy love you like CRAZY! You are such a sweetie. Your precious smile and giggle will never get old. You are such a joy to be around. We love you so much and are so proud to call you ours!

Here is what you are up to at 6 months~

I weighed you on the Wii this morning and it seems that you are almost 17 lbs. You are such a big boy!!

You are mainly in 6 month clothes. A few of your 3 months clothes still fit but not for long.

You are in size 2 diapers during the day and 3's at night

You smile CONSTANTLY and laugh at everything

You are such a happy baby. I brag about that to everyone but it is so true. You really only cry when you are hungry.

You are eating a couple meals a day of solid foods. Usually a fruit and a veggie or one of those and rice cereal.

You moved to your big boy carseat and seem to love it! I think you like the fact that you always get taken out of the carseat when we get out of the car. You are also more stretched out in your new carseat and you like that!

We found out this week that you are going to have a new girl cousin in October! You and Tinsley will be about 11 months apart!

You had your first sleepover with your Gran the other night while Mommy and Daddy went to a concert. You did so great! It was hard for your mommy but she is so happy you did so great!

You are taking a bottle wonderfully~ The weaning process is going slowly but great.

You get the BIGGEST grin on your face when you see me or your daddy if you hear our voices & I LOVE IT!

You are sleeping so great. You will still sometimes wake up at around 4 or 5 and eat a little bit and then go back to bed. For the most part you get about 9-12 hrs of solid sleep each night & you are officially a stomach sleeper.

You LOVE your exersaucer.

There is no keeping you on your back anymore. As soon as we put you on your back you roll right your stomach.

You are trying so hard to scoot around. it is adorable!

You love bath time and getting your lotion on afterwards. I call it your massage time :)

You love the pool so I am so excited for this summer. We took you to Aunt Sis's pool yesterday and you fell asleep in her arms while in the pool. It was so cute.

I just LOVE your rosey, chubby cheeks! They are adorable and mommy kisses them all day long.

You are starting to notice the dogs and are grabbing at them. They just lick you and stare at you. You will be their best bud one day!

You are the sweetest little boy and I can't wait to see what this next month holds!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Reading a book while laying out :)

Show us your Life~ Favorite books


I will be honest and say that I have never been much of a reader. I really didn't start reading books for fun until I went off to college. And the only place that I really enjoy picking up a book and reading is at the beach! I don't know why but that to me is the most relaxing place to read a book. I am sure that will change this summer. This will be my first summer with my baby boy so I am sure that Jakson will be getting all of my attention now :) Here are a few of my favorite beach reads..

1.Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers--AWESOME BOOK. This was my first novel I read. Someone gave it to me and I figured it would take me forever and a day to read. Yup, finished it in 3 days! It was so great. Now that I think about it...I want to read it again! I would SO recommend this if you haven't read it yet. You will not be disappointed.

2.My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. This was another book that I just couldn't put down. And of course, the book was better than the movie. I cried just as much at both of them though!

3.Anything written by Nicholas Sparks-- LOVE THEM ALL! He is so great. I just love his books. They suck me right in and I never want to put them down.

Now as far as children's books go, I am not really sure what books I am going to enjoy reading to Jakson. I know growing up my mom always read us Love You Forever. So I know that I will be reading that one. I guess I will have to see what else we end up loving.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

big boy car seat (:

Jaks moved up to the big boy car seat yesterday. I was so tired of lugging around that hefty carrier. It was WAY too heavy. I would usually take him out of it unless he was totally passed out or if Josh was there to carry it. But then even if he was passed out he would wake up during the process of my taking it out of the was too heavy for my weak arms :)

Anyways, I am so glad we made the switch. We could not decide which brand to out of the ones we had narrowed it down to, I picked judging on size. Mainly since I have smaller SUV we didn't want anything too wide just in case we have to have a few carseats back there one day :) Here is his new car seat...he looks so cute in it. Hahah, i love the cow print. I think it is adorable!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

this rolling over thing is not helping our sleep...

So last week Jakson officially learned how to roll from back to belly. He is actually doing that a lot more than belly to back. He puts his hands at his side when he is trying to roll onto his back and he gets stuck on his hands. Oh well, he will learn soon that those hands have to be moved out of the way.

So he has started sleeping on his side. I haven't taken a picture but I will have to...he is just perfectly on his side and basically balancing himself with his hands and feet. It is cute...until he rolls onto his belly by accident. YIKES. He just screams and screams. I had Josh go in there the first time he did it to see if he could just roll him back over without having to smell me in there..that didn't work. Poor Josh was trying to rock Jakson but he just wouldn't calm down, so I had to go in there and nurse him to get him to calm down.

So last night I decided we would put him in his positioner and hopefully that would keep him from rolling over-- only problem is, he didn't like the positioner. It would mess him up while he tried to roll onto his side and he screamed until we helped out. So it took about 3 attempts to put him to bed last night :/ I'm not really liking this...

I woke up at 5 this morning and looked at the moniter and he was on his belly!! At first his face was kind of shoved in the mattress. He quickly learned to turn his head...I was so excited that he finally realized that he can sleep like that. But of course, about an hour later he was screaming again. So now he is sleeping next to me and I can't fall back asleep. Time to go and make some coffee :)

Hopefully he will figure out this flipping over in the middle of the night thing soon...I had gotten too used to sleeping through the night again!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My very first mother's day

This mother's day was a tad different than the last one. Last mother's day Jakson was in my belly. Now he is here and is more perfect than I could have ever dreamed of...

Saturday night while I put Jakson to bed Josh ran out to Publix to get food for our picnic. He came home with bags of food, BEAUTIFUL flowers and two bottles of red wine :) Perfect!!

My sweet man cooked all night. He made chicken wraps with grilled chicken, apples, spring letttuce, pesto and feta cheese...YUMMMMM. He also made these cheese straws...soooo YUM! And last but not least he made peanut butter rice krispie treats. Does that boy know me or what!?

Sunday I was pampered all day LONG! He made me cinnamon rolls and coffee for breakfast.

Then after a wonderful church service we packed up a picnic and headed to this beautiful spot to enjoy all of the yummy food.

Then later that evening we went on a walk around the neighborhood with our whole gang(dogs included). Then of course, after Jaks was in bed we watched my show, Brothers and Sisters, and enjoyed my wine. It was way too much but so perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day! I love my hubby and our baby. Life is so great :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love my momma :)

Just wanted to write a little post about my sweet mom!

I have to say that I have the best mother EVER. You can try and fight with me on it..but I win ;)

My mother is such an amazing woman. First of all, she raised 5 kids. Life got a little crazy but it was always FUN around our house! She is such a wonderful mother. I know that we didn't always see eye to eye back in the day..but she has taught me so much about life. She has always believed in all of us kids and supported and loved us no matter what. She is truly one of my best friends. She is so beautiful inside and out. I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for my momma.

Not only is she a wonderful mother, she is a wonderful Mimi as well :) Jakson is so lucky to have her as his Mimi. She has got all of her little grand babies spoiled rotten :) but hey, what else are Mimi's for?!?

I LOVE YOU MOM. Thanks for all that you have done for me and continue to do.
I hope I can be as great of a mom as you are...LOVE YOU!

Friday, May 7, 2010

:) oh happy day

Today Jakson and I had some fun outside.
So of course, I captured it on camera :)
I love this kid. and this life.

Where has the time gone?

In 10 short days my baby will be 6 months. I just can't believe it! Everyone warns you about how fast they grow up but you just don't really know how fast until you experience it. I am LOVING this stage he is in right now. He sleeps like a CHAMP, he is always happy unless he is starving, and he just laughs and smiles at just about everything. Also he is starting to roll over and learn how to balance himself...I could go on and on. I just love this little boy to pieces!!!!!

My dad said it best the other day at lunch when he said, you just can't even describe the love you feel for your kids. and it is SO true. I feel like I can't even put it into words this love that I feel.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mmm...peas :)

Jakson was eating peas at Mimi's house last night and we had a little photo shoot. This boy makes me so stinkin' happy :)

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