Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House projects

... i mean, do they ever end?!

Our bathroom, new roof, dog house and fence were our last big projects. and I must say we are loving all of them :)

We started to tackle our garage about a month ago. We had a garage sale and got rid of so much furniture and my hubby was able to buy a new kayak with the money we made. Plus, I got a little cash to spend ;) the garage is empty of furniture and we added some organzing shelves and a garage freezer--greatest thing EVER. Then this past weekend we finally sold the BOAT! Now we can see our garage and actually use more of the driveway.

And now...tada, I can park my car in the garage. It is awesome!

Tonight Josh and my dad are going to work on getting a new back door put in and then this weekend we should get the hardwood floors put in and the mud room should be DONE! I am so excited to have this part of our house complete.

We are also working on our grass right now. Our dirt in the front yard is rediculously hard and will not grow grass. So last weekend josh tilled up the yard, put down seed and straw and now we have to water it daily in hopes that grass will start to sprout in a couple of weeks.

I will keep you updated!!


Laina said...

love it but more pics please!! :) love you

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