Monday, September 23, 2013

a life update

Wow, i can't believe how long it has been since i blogged last. life is so busy and at the end of the day i would rather relax then blog since i only have a few hours until my adorably chunky 6 month old will want to be nursed some more. (yes that is right. he is 6 mo old and still not sleeping through the night. the boy wants food every 3 hours. this momma is usually always exhausted unless i am jacked up on some caffeine)

but to fill you in a little...SO much has happened since my last blog post. 

let's see...
~we added our benjamin mack to our family making us a family of 5. so we have 3 boys now. 
jakson is 3, he will be turning 4 in 2 months.
henry tate is 2.
and benjamin is 6 months,

~henry and jakson are in preschool now and they love it and their momma loves the time to clean and shop or rest :)

~my husband and i recently took a huge leap of faith. he left his job a few months ago and has started his own company!! i am so excited for our family and what is to come. i am so PROUD of my man. he has worked so hard for the past 9 years and he deserves this. 

the major news that goes along with all of that is that we will be moving our family to austin, tx!!! 

i made a promise to myself that when we moved i would start blogging again. that way family and friends can keep up with our adventures out in TX. and it could be a wonderful way for me to type out my feelings during this major transition. 

i have been a GA girl my whole life. this is HUGE, i mean HUGE for me. i am really excited for the adventure ahead of us. lots of tears have been shed through out this process. but we are totally trusting in the Lord through all of this. he has opened these doors ahead of us and we know that he has a perfect plan for our family. 

i promise to update with more details and info as they come. 
as for now...
our house is on the market. 
and we are waiting for it to sell before we move out west. so this little lady is enjoying her time being close to family and friends until we make the big move. 

that is all for now, 

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