Tuesday, May 31, 2011

jakson singing

For the past few days Jakson has started singing a song. We have absolutely no clue what song he is singing but all we know if that it is adorable. This morning on the couch he started singing so i grabbed my phone and captured the moment. i love this boy. he is so stinking adorable.

another thing he has started doing is saying the blessing. after josh and i say it he puts his little hands together, bows his head and mumbles and then says, "yaaayyy" and claps.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Henry Tate's birth story

Last Thursday (5/19/11) I was 39w 3d pregnant. i had been having braxton hicks contractions and that was about it. i had my 39 w appt and we knew going into it that my blood pressure had been getting higher and higher each week and that we had a pretty good chance that it was going to be pretty high by this appt. So the night before the hubby loaded up the car and got us all set just incase my blood pressure wasn't good.

So I dropped Jakson off with my dad and josh and i headed in for our appt. I got my blood pressure checked and it was WAY too high- 172/100- which is no good. Midwife came in and said well i am glad you hung on this long but it is time to get that baby out. That blood pressure isn't good for either of you. Thankfully i was already progressing on my own and she said that it would be an easy and quick induction bc Henry was already starting to make his way. So we made our phone calls to tell everyone the news and headed into the hospital.
We got in our room around 4:30. The doctor had to come in and do an ultrasound bc when the nurse checked me she thought she felt his head but was also feeling somethihng else. Turns out the little booger had his hand on his head :) Since our appt a couple of hours before that i had already progressed a lot on my own, so we knew it should be a fast process. they broke my water and gave me the lowest dose of pitocin. and the contractions were coming on strong. i tried to hold out until i couldn't take the pain any longer and asked for the epidural. ahhh, relief :)

i just laid in bed and enjoyed the company and excitment in the room. it was me, josh, my mom, and my two sisters. i was SO excited that they were all going to be there to witness Henry's birth and so were they. Our nurse was AWESOME and let us break the rules and have one extra person in the room during delivery. Dad brought jakson up to see me even though it was past his bedtime :)
we didn't think that jakson wass going to get to meet henry that night but it was about 9:30 and the nurse came in to check and said that i was ready to start pushing-- i told her to "shut up" bc i was so shocked that it was really here..i was going to meet my precious Henry that i had been praying for and dreaming about for 9 months.

We started pushing and 4 pushes later-- Henry Tate came into this world- 9:54pm. 7lbs, 5oz, 20.25in and perfect :)
It was amazing. I fell in love with him with just his first cry and then i saw him and was totally IN LOVE. nothing beats that feeling...NOTHING.

i was so happy that my mom and sisters got to experience that moment with me this time. they are my best friends in this world and it was an inceredible moment. we all cried and ooed and awed over my sweet little boy. and let me tell you, he looked SO much like his brother.
Jakson got to come in and meet him and it was so precious. he looked at him and was saying, "hey" over and over again :) melts my heart. PURE JOY, that is all i felt in that moment, pure joy!
Thank the Lord, our hospital stay this go round was quick and painless. Besides my blood pressure, we were all in great health. Henry showed no signs of jaundice and slept and ate like a champ :) He is a wonderful baby just like his brother. He eats, sleeps and poops and occasionally lets out a cute little whimper.

Jakson is loving his brother. All he wants to do is kiss on him and he enjoys pointing to his nose, ears, mouth and toes.
jakson just learned to give knuckles and says "boom", haha, it is hilarious. He also said "i love you mommy" in his giberish the other night and of course i cried. he repeats everything these days. he is growing up SO fast!!
We are LOVING being a family of four. it can get a little crazy but i wouldn't change a thing!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A little update- baby Henry is still in the belly. I have my dr appt tomorrow afternoon so we will see what they say!

I wanted to post this video of jakson helping his daddy drive the convertible in my parents driveway. He is obsessed with cars and is in heaven when he gets to help "drive"

...his little wave to my dad cRaCkS me up. he is such a cutie!

here are some other recent pictures of him from my phone. I can't believe he is going to be a big brother any day now...did you hear that Henry...ANY day now ;)

He went in for his 18 month appt today. He is looking great all around :) He is really starting to repeat words that we say now. He still thinks Josh and I are both dada but we are working on that. His newest words are juice "ju", duck "duh", belly, quack, and "woof, woof" and this morning he said, doctor "docdah" I am currently working on "Henry" and "baby brother" ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9 months

officially "full term"

How far along? 9 months...37 weeks to be exact :)

Total weight gain/loss? gained 23 lbs

Maternity clothes? all maternity clothes

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep? horrible...i can't get comfy and ache all over.

Best moment last month? we went to the dr yesterday for my 37 week check up and we got to see his sweet little face since they wanted to make sure he was head down and ready for his entrance...thankfully he is!

Movement? lots of it! of course now it has turned into more rolling movements and nudges. i think he is pretty much out of room and can't full on kick me so much anymore. he likes to stick his little butt up and stretch those legs out just like jakson used to do.

Food cravings? i love food :) but i think my stomach doesn't have any more room and i can't eat as much as i used to able to eat.

Gender? it's a BOY, Henry Tate Burfitt!

Labor signs? lots of braxton hicks contractions. i am hoping that means my body is getting ready for the real deal!

Belly button in/out?

What I miss: sleeping on my belly, running, not feeling like a whale ;)

What I am looking forward to:
meeting henry this month and hopefully going into labor any day now!!

Henry is supposedly the size of a watermelon. hah, i am thinking one of the little seedless ones ;)

we went to the hospital 4am sunday morning. henry had changed positions on friday and when he did that something happened to my back. i was in SO much pain that i hadn't slept a wink friday night or saturday night and tylonol did nothing. So after crying all through the night i finally decided to call the dr and she said to come on in. thankfully everything looked good but i was having lots of contractions so they figured the back pain was getting worse from those. they gave me a nice shot before i left that had me knocked out before we even made it home and i slept ALL day. and i seriously mean ALL day :) but the pain is much more maneagable now and i am making sure to take it easy and sucking down the water to ease the contractions.

i am so ready for my sweet boy to come this month!

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