Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A little update- baby Henry is still in the belly. I have my dr appt tomorrow afternoon so we will see what they say!

I wanted to post this video of jakson helping his daddy drive the convertible in my parents driveway. He is obsessed with cars and is in heaven when he gets to help "drive"

...his little wave to my dad cRaCkS me up. he is such a cutie!

here are some other recent pictures of him from my phone. I can't believe he is going to be a big brother any day now...did you hear that Henry...ANY day now ;)

He went in for his 18 month appt today. He is looking great all around :) He is really starting to repeat words that we say now. He still thinks Josh and I are both dada but we are working on that. His newest words are juice "ju", duck "duh", belly, quack, and "woof, woof" and this morning he said, doctor "docdah" I am currently working on "Henry" and "baby brother" ;)


A-town said...

oh gosh I love the wave!

Chrissi said...

if you only knew how many times i have watched that video. love this kiddo. canNOT wait to meet Henry!!!!

xoxoxoxox, sis

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