Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9 months

officially "full term"

How far along? 9 months...37 weeks to be exact :)

Total weight gain/loss? gained 23 lbs

Maternity clothes? all maternity clothes

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep? horrible...i can't get comfy and ache all over.

Best moment last month? we went to the dr yesterday for my 37 week check up and we got to see his sweet little face since they wanted to make sure he was head down and ready for his entrance...thankfully he is!

Movement? lots of it! of course now it has turned into more rolling movements and nudges. i think he is pretty much out of room and can't full on kick me so much anymore. he likes to stick his little butt up and stretch those legs out just like jakson used to do.

Food cravings? i love food :) but i think my stomach doesn't have any more room and i can't eat as much as i used to able to eat.

Gender? it's a BOY, Henry Tate Burfitt!

Labor signs? lots of braxton hicks contractions. i am hoping that means my body is getting ready for the real deal!

Belly button in/out?

What I miss: sleeping on my belly, running, not feeling like a whale ;)

What I am looking forward to:
meeting henry this month and hopefully going into labor any day now!!

Henry is supposedly the size of a watermelon. hah, i am thinking one of the little seedless ones ;)

we went to the hospital 4am sunday morning. henry had changed positions on friday and when he did that something happened to my back. i was in SO much pain that i hadn't slept a wink friday night or saturday night and tylonol did nothing. So after crying all through the night i finally decided to call the dr and she said to come on in. thankfully everything looked good but i was having lots of contractions so they figured the back pain was getting worse from those. they gave me a nice shot before i left that had me knocked out before we even made it home and i slept ALL day. and i seriously mean ALL day :) but the pain is much more maneagable now and i am making sure to take it easy and sucking down the water to ease the contractions.

i am so ready for my sweet boy to come this month!

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A-town said...

Girl I am not messin around. I know you're in pain and everything but plz hold it together til the 21st. I don't think it's too much to ask. Kthanks

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