Monday, September 26, 2011

hello there :]

hi, i am so sorry that i have been such a slacker with my blog lately.

i will have to catch you up on mr. henry tate's 4 month updates soon. seriously, where does the time go?! i can't believe our sweet little man is 4 months already! he is growing up way too quickly. i swear he will be crawling and talking before i know it!


i can't get enough of these smiles :]


his big brother is doing great also. talking up a storm and turning into one smart little guy :)

preschool was the perfect move for jaksonian. he gets a smile on his face as soon as we pull in the parking lot. he is making friends and learning SO much! he is our social man and preschool is perfect for him!

i have had some tough moments lately when i feel like other mom's are judging me or shocked that i put my 22 month old in preschool. you learn a lot when you become a mom and one thing i am learning is that you do what is best for you and your babies. i still love my little man like crazy and me sending him to preschool is not just a way to get rid of him for the morning. it is his time to play and learn and it gives me my time with henry and time to get things done that are tough to do with a wild 2 year old.
ok, thanks for letting me vent.

i hope you all have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

smarty pants

jakson-21 months
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life with two cute boys...

i love my little happy boys.

every morning when jakson wakes up he hands me his blanky and bear, and then throws his hands up for momma to grab him. always with a smile and a kiss :) i love these special moments and treasure them daily!

he usually chills on the couch with blanky, bear and milk and watches some tv while this momma cooks his breakfast.

{i will be totally honest and say that our mornings aren't always this pleasant. of course we have those mornings where he cries until breakfast is done cooking and pitches a fit because i won't give him chocolate milk. yup, this is real life.}

and here is our little HT

henry is a silly little guy. the little booger won't stay on his back for more than a minute before flipping himself right over on that big belly.

tummy time is fun for a little while but then he gets pretty bored with it.

our little smiley thumb sucker :)

today has been pretty productive. we started our morning with a 7 mile run. the boys were getting pretty bored by the time we finished.
not sure what to expect when we are doing 8+ miles?!

jakson cracks me up in the stroller with henry. he always reaches over and holds his hand and thinks it is hilarious when henry squeezes his little pointer finger back :)
i sure do love those sweet little moments. i am sure when the brotherly fighting begins i will be missing those moments.

this afternoon josh and i made a little progress on some projects around the house while the boys napped.

now off to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

i hope you do the same :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Phone Dump--things that make me smile edition :]

I have seen some blogs doing this recently and i love it. i get some of my favorite pictures on my phone bc it is usually always with me and way easier to bring along with me everywhere unlike my canon. so here it goes-- these are some of my most recent pictures and they all bring a smile to my face.

this boy is a shoe LOVER. seriously, if you know him, that is an understatement. i tell people this all of the time and it is true-- i don't clean up toys at night, i clean up shoes. they are EVERYWHERE. he can go into our shoe closet and comes out with matching shoes. CRACKS ME UP! if he is hanging out naked around the house-- he is at least wearing a pair of shoes :)

umm, seriously?!?

jaks and his cousin having a blast at big canoe

sorry "hemi" aka henry...jakson loves you!!

this little man loves his thumb

"mom, let me show you how this works"
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the first night at big canoe jakson went to bed at 11 and was up at 2 SCREAMING. he didn't go back to sleep until 12 PM. when we laid him down at 12 this is how he fell asleep, hahaha...i think he was tired.
Snapbucket,Frame: Grunge White

when he started preschool he was constantly wearing his backpack. i caught him playing on the back porch wearing it proudly

enjoying some alone time with the hubs on our kayaks :)

now off to start getting ready for a very busy weekend of birthday celebrations-- running a 10k for a my BiG sister's bday, then celebrating my niece's birthday, then celebrating my amazing husband's birthday out on the river Monday (his favorite place)!! so thankful for every single one of them!!

i hope you have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Henry tate is 3 months

i am WAY late on this post, oopsy!!


So, what is our adorably sweet little henry up to at three months?!


he is in 0-3m clothes & 6 month p.j's-- he is a long little guy!

he is in size 1 diapers

he is sleeping great. goes down at 9 at the earliest, 11 at the latest. he sometimes gets up to eat around 4 but sometimes waits until it!

he takes a paci to calm him down but then spits it out as soon as he falls asleep. if he can't find a paci he will suck on his thumb, just like this....

he is a good little eater and it really starting to chunk up. getting a double chin just like his brother!

he is already rolling over from back to stomach. our little overachiever baby ;) if you put him on his back you can bet that he will be on his stomach the next time you look at him.

he has rolled from his stomach to back a few times.

he is a smiley bucket and has the sweetest little giggle :)

he is going up into his own room at some point this month.


We can't wait to see what exciting things he accomplishes this month!! we are LOVING him and can't believe how quickly time is FLYYYYING by. way too fast i tell yah! :)

here is a comparison of the boys...



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