Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Phone Dump--things that make me smile edition :]

I have seen some blogs doing this recently and i love it. i get some of my favorite pictures on my phone bc it is usually always with me and way easier to bring along with me everywhere unlike my canon. so here it goes-- these are some of my most recent pictures and they all bring a smile to my face.

this boy is a shoe LOVER. seriously, if you know him, that is an understatement. i tell people this all of the time and it is true-- i don't clean up toys at night, i clean up shoes. they are EVERYWHERE. he can go into our shoe closet and comes out with matching shoes. CRACKS ME UP! if he is hanging out naked around the house-- he is at least wearing a pair of shoes :)

umm, seriously?!?

jaks and his cousin having a blast at big canoe

sorry "hemi" aka henry...jakson loves you!!

this little man loves his thumb

"mom, let me show you how this works"
Snapbucket,Vignette: Small Black,Filter: Bronze,Frame: Grunge White

the first night at big canoe jakson went to bed at 11 and was up at 2 SCREAMING. he didn't go back to sleep until 12 PM. when we laid him down at 12 this is how he fell asleep, hahaha...i think he was tired.
Snapbucket,Frame: Grunge White

when he started preschool he was constantly wearing his backpack. i caught him playing on the back porch wearing it proudly

enjoying some alone time with the hubs on our kayaks :)

now off to start getting ready for a very busy weekend of birthday celebrations-- running a 10k for a my BiG sister's bday, then celebrating my niece's birthday, then celebrating my amazing husband's birthday out on the river Monday (his favorite place)!! so thankful for every single one of them!!

i hope you have a great weekend!!


Jordan said...

Is he wearing 1 rainboot and 1 croc in that picture?! lol

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