Monday, November 29, 2010

so thankful.

This Thanksgiving we were with my family and we decided to change it up a bit and go here...

WhAt a BlAsT! It is basically a really nice hotel but instead of a regular ole pool, you get a waterpark...

which made for one very happy little boy...

all of my immediate family went on this vacay and here we are :)

We all stayed in one big suite. so it was a kitchen, living room with a full murphy bed and a pull our couch, one room with 2 fulls beds, bunk bed, pull out couch and 3 pack and plays, and the other room had two full beds. oh and 3 bathrooms. so it was pretty huge but still pretty tight with all of us but SO much fun!

We all brought our stuff to make some part of thanksgiving so we still got a yummy and huge thanksgiving meal. just got to go play at a waterpark after our thanksgiving naps!
jaks chillin on the porch in the beautiful weather

josh and jaks enjoying the water park

in the little kid area where i spent most of my time

Jaks on the see-saw in the water

They had a baby area, kid area, wave pool, a few rides(they were too rough for the preggo's to ride on), and a surf ride.
Here is josh surfing away. the boys LOVED this...

We had a blast! thanks mom and dad for an awesome trip. i just love my family and love how close we all are. you don't find that too often with a family of 5 kids. we are all friends and get along!

my sweet family...

i have so much to be thankful for. i have a wonderful husband who puts up with me :) i have an ADORABLE one year old who is a ball of energy and such a happy and healthy boy. and i have another sweet baby growing in my belly. and i mean growing. haha, or maybe just i am. i definetly have a belly at 15 weeks. didn't even look pregnant yet at the this time with jakson, but i'm loving it! i have an awesome family and a wonderful "in-law" family. a roof over our heads, bills paid and food on our table and most importantly the good Lord who LOVES me even though i am SO unworthy.. God is so good!

we started the christmas decorating madness yesterday. i didn't realize how hard it was going to be with jakson running around. he pulls at the tree and all of the decor he can reach. we already broke a snowman...oh boy! anyways, the house is chaos right now. hope to have it all put together in the next day or two...gotta get busy during his naps!

and the poor guy has his 1 year today, which means shots :( no fun! he hasn't been feeling very good lately though so i am wondering if he just teething or has another ear infection. we shall see. speaking of teething...i think he is the only one year old with only two teeth. haha, late developer i guess :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving,


A-town said...

what a lovely post. I didn't know y'all all stayed in the same suite. That must have been SO.MUCH.FUN

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