Wednesday, February 29, 2012

kitchen remodel (better late than never)

After we had Henry we decided to do some work on our kitchen. it was the last room in the house that could really use some updating. the counters were a beautiful hunter green and the cabinets boxed in the kitchen to make it feel closed off and tinier than it already was. So of course the husband took on the project with his best friend Jason. They were going to knock it out in one saturday and just retile the counters. HAH. about 2 hours after i had left the boys i got a text from Josh that read, "i tried to call you..." and had a picture attached. i was nervous. the picture was of our cabinets completely taken off out of the kitchen. whoa. and our little 2 hour project turned into a 2 month project :)

but it was so worth it. It took a little bit longer than we would have liked since josh works an 8-5 job and has a family that he would like to spend time with at night and on the weekends. but it did get finished and i think it was under 2 months that it was in progress. it looks awesome now. it totally opened up the whole house and really gives it a completely different feel. i think this will really help when we do try and sell our house.

here are our before and after pics...


check out that beautiful green tile :)

and our lovely cabinets that closed off the kitchen.

of course jaks had to get in there and help

IN THE PROCESS... we lived like this for a little while :/ lots of pizza's and microwave meals.

Josh painted the walls, fixed the cabinets to really open it up, put in granite tiles on the counters and did the same granite on the backsplash, widened the counter tops and put in new cabinet handles. WAY TO GO HUBBY!!

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Nicki said...

Looks great!!

The Guff said...

Wow that looks great! How blessed to have a handy husband!!!

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