Saturday, February 4, 2012

fun day at the zoo!

oh hey there :)

i thought i would get a blog post in while Henny benny naps and jaks is playing...

yesterday we took a fun trip to the zoo! We went with my mom, sister and her kids, sister in law and her kids, and my friend Jess and her daughter. there were LOTS of kiddos and it was so fun! They had a blast playing with each other and seeing all of the animals. i was pretty excited about taking jakson because he is very interested in animals right now. of course he had a blast because he got to run around with his cousins and friends all. day. long.

mom and dad with all of their grandchildren before we left for the zoo~


jaks and kaydee!

checking out the birds!

throwing grass on the pile of goats!

and then brushing them off...

pretty kaydee!

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my little guys 
what a fun filled day. i absolutely love getting to stay at home with my boys so i can do fun things like go to the zoo whenever we want :) this job is the BEST!

i will end with this picture of a worn out two year old... presh. [sisters...that word was just for yall ;)]

p.s. please ignore my horrible picture quality on the blog these days. i have started uploading pics to here straight from the computer to blog instead of from another source so my picture quality on the blog is stinky. but it is WAY faster. so o well :) 

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Chrissi said...

great pictures, ster! love the one of all the adorable!!! love you!

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