Monday, February 27, 2012

A Date with Mommy and Daddy to the Circus!

Josh and i got to take jakson man on a special date a couple of weeks ago to the circus! My momma watched henry for us. After we dropped him off Jakson asked, "Where's Honry Tate?!" about 10 times! (i swear that boy will never let me forget his little brother)

we got to enjoy a little chick-fil-a date with the little guy before we went into the circus. they had a fun little pre-show where we got to go down on the floor to meet the performers and see some of the animals. jakson was front row for the elephant's show and he was speechless! (elephants are his favorite at the moment!)

i didn't take many pics but here are the few i did take...

jaks and daddy waiting in line...

jaks and i down at the pre-show.

too many strangers around for jakson, hah.

watching the pre-show. (i have never seen him sit so still!)

gross. yes, that is a loaf of bread...she was HUGE!

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Matthew, Ashley, Jr. Colton and Tinsley Hutson said...

soo fun! i only wish it was me that watched henry!

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