Tuesday, February 28, 2012

missing you granddaddy!

Last Tuesday marked the one year since we lost our granddaddy. I can't believe that a year has already gone by. I miss him so much! This past saturday we had a graveside service for him and buried his ashes. It was the perfect little ceremony. There were beautiful blue skies, music playing and a short and sweet ceremony with family all around~ it was just my granddaddy's style.

we had a fun day playing out in Tallapoosa.

here is a little picture overload from the day :)

jakson's first time on the dirt bike!!

aunt sis and tinsley on our ride through the pasture

checking out the pigs

happy boy!

looking at the pond...

my main man, jaks


the kiddos playing with the worms...

hahah, and colton was loving them :)

HT and aunt sis!


pretty T-mae

trying to keep little man warm!!

the big bro showing us how it is done.

ashface showing us her skills

and chrissi showing us hers...

trying to keep the little ones warm!

an ending to an awesome day with family fun!!

ash and tins!


Chrissi said...

great pictures!! thanks for posting. i know i say this all. of. the. time. buuut. i love you like crazy & am so thankful for YOU!! XO

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