Thursday, June 18, 2009

You and me go fishing in the dark...

Josh and I have a deal where atleast once a week we go out on a date. This gets us away from the distractions of the house (t.v, computer, chores, and so on..) We have done this since we got married and I love it. It works so great for the two of us. It just gives us "us" time and we always have so much fun. This week we decided to change it up and since I know how Josh loves to fish, I figured we could do it together! The plan was to pack a picnic but the chicken sandwiches I made would have been a lot better hot, so we ate at the house. Then headed down to the river. We picked us out a little spot and got our crickets out and fished! It was so much fun. We caught about 8 total..and they were little ones. But it was a lot of fun and a nice and quiet place where we could just talk :)

Also, we got the boat running this weekend :)
We took it out for a couple of hours on Saturday and had a blast. You can't tell from the picture below but Allatoona was PACKED!! I am sure poppyseed had a nice and bumpy ride!



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