Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July

What a crazy but FUN weekend. Josh and I both had Friday off, so he went and played golf and I hung out at Chrissi's pool. When Josh was done with golf he came over to Chrissi's. We decided to spend the night there since we would all have to wake up early for the Peachtree and her place was a lot closer than our place. The next morning we woke up about 5am and got ready for the race. We had so much fun getting ready and heading there. Once we got there Josh headed for the 70,000's to run with Jason and Chrissi and I headed to the back of the heats for the 90,000's. We had so much fun running together and we actually did a lot better than we thought we would have done! I got a lot of "congrats" as people ran by us and Chrissi got a lot of "you can do it Newbie!" We were so happy we wrote things on our shirts because it made it so fun! After the race we found Josh and Jason and went and searched for food and drinks. Then we found Mom and Dad who had come to cheer us on!! After the race Bobby came and picked us up and took us back to chrissi's. Josh and I dropped his truck off at the square so that we could have it there later for a great tailgating spot for fireworks! Then we headed to Josh and Summer's pool for their 4th of July Party. There was lots of yummy bar-b-que and sides and delicious homemade icecream. It was a fun day of swimming and hanging out with family! After that we headed to the Marietta Square for fireworks and Marietta Pizza Company! What a long but fun day :) Sunday consisted of sleeping and being lazy!!


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