Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My First Baby Shower for Jakson

This weekend I had my first baby shower. It was thrown by Chrissi, Ashley, Tonya, Summer and Tricia. They did such an awesome job! It was at 10 am, so we had yummy breakfast food! The decorations were brown and blue and were sooo cute! It is things like this that make me feel so very blessed :) We got so many great presents! Some of which include my baby sling, bouncer, pack and play, stroller, backpack carrier, crib, decorations, toys, bedding, books and essentials for me and Jakson! I love my family and friends and am so thankful for them and all that they do for Josh and I!!

Jakson sure is starting to get big and strong. This morning he discovered the right place to kick my ribs :) He is always making me laugh bc he is always on one side of my stomach. It always looks like a have a lump on one side.

This is a busy and exciting week! Thursday morning we have our 28 week appointment and it is my big sister's b-day! We are doing dinner at my parents house to celebrate Josh, Chrissi, Natalie, and Tonya. September is a big month for our family! Then on Friday we are going out for Chrissi's bday with some friends for dinner and bowling. Saturday is Natalie's bday party and is also Josh's birthday! I have a surprise for him for the weekend that I think he will enjoy...and I can't wait :)


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