Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me :)

So yesterday I turned the big 2-4. Ok, not really a big deal for birthdays but still, I am getting older. It was a very relaxed and low key birthday but so wonderful!

Jakson didn't fall asleep until 1:40 am and then woke up about 4:30 to eat again. So that morning and so my wonderful hubby got up with him about 7 am and fed him and let me sleep until about was so wonderful!! Then I got up and he made me breakfast. We stayed in our p.j's all day :) I got to open my present which was a real pair of cowboy boots...i LOVE them!! Later that night we dropped off the little guy at Mimi and Pops, and Josh took me out to dinner. We went to Nava, which was delicious! We were going to go ice-skating after but it was about 29 degrees out so we changed our mind. Instead we went and grabbed a starbucks and were going to go and see the lights of Life, but the line was sooo long. So we just decided to go and see our boy, because of course we were already missing him!

It was a wonderful birthday.

Thanks Josh and Jakson for making it so special.


Chrissi said...

happy happy happy birthday!!

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