Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jakson's first hike

Josh and I LOVE to hike. There is a beautiful place to hike about 10 minutes from our house called Pine Mountain. We were so excited to finally be able to use Jakson's hiking backpack. We had a free weekend and it wasn't supposed to be 97 degrees. Talk about a workout, phew!! I hiked with the pack on the way up the mountain.

And this is what Jakson looked like when we finally reached the top, haha. Poor sleepy boy missed his morning nap :)

It is so pretty at the top! What a beautiful morning with my family. We are so blessed!

Daddy and Jakson ready for the hike down the mountain.

After our hike we took Jakson to Mimi and Pop's while mommy and daddy got a couple of projects done around the house. I pressure washed and scraped the porch railings while daddy worked on finishing the mudd room. The mudd room is now FiNiShEd! tomorrow we are going to have to tag team painting the porch railings while one of us watches Jakson. Soon I will post about our latest house projects. There is always something going on in this house :)


Laina said...

you go girl! hiking that little guy up the mtn! I helped robby mow a lawn yesterday and by help i mean i blew the driveway with the backpack blower and i though holy cow if a kid is this heavy i will never be able to hike with one on my back!

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