Thursday, July 28, 2011

M.W.O- Mother's Weekend Out :)

When Josh and i first got married we attended a church in our town. We met some really sweet people but never really felt connected or like it was where we were supposed to be. So after we had Jakson we started going to another church, Cedarcrest.

After being at cedarcrest for a little while i decided to try and get more connected to meet some people. I joined a ladies bible study and met some amazing women. I went through three different studies with some of the same women and some new women every study. I met some amazing ladies through it and have really started to gain some awesome friendships. Some of us now do playgroups together once a week. it has been a great thing for me and for jakson.

we decided to have a ladies only weekend. we picked a weekend and got all of our husbands to keep the kiddos while we had some girl time.

we got a hotel in atlanta where some stayed one night and some stayed two. we relaxed, talked, went to the movies, ate, shopped and layed by the pool! of course i missed my boys but had a blast getting to know these women on an even deeper level.

i didn't take many pictures this weekend bc i never felt like lugging my big old camera around but here are the few that i did take...

Ashleigh (pre-hair cut) and cynthia
Ashleigh after her cute new cut...
Crick and I at Twist

the girls at Twist...

Ash and Crick at the pool

the girls in the pool...

pretty clouds on the side of the building next to our pool

What a FUN and relaxing weekend, even though i might have gotten less sleep than i do at home with all of the talking we did :) it was so worth it though!

love you girls, thanks for a great weekend!

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Chrissi said...

i am so glad you gals had such a great time! ps, ashleigh's new 'do is so cute!!

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