Thursday, December 15, 2011

a picture post...

here are a few pictures of these sweet little faces that make me smile...

already mastering the remote :)

my sweet little guy!

just chillin while mom gets ready. 

jakson at his class christmas party. 

and little brother was hanging out :)

i hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Pictures-- Jaks 2 years, Henry 6 months

josh and i decided to take our family pictures this past Sunday since we were way over due for some pictures.

We also took the big Gernatt family picture. i love watching how much our family grows in our Christmas card picture every year! i am praying for even more babies to be in the christmas card picture next year!!

We wanted to put the pups in the christmas card pictures this year so of course that ended up being quite the challenge :) and last minute we decided to all hop in the back of hubby's jeep for the pictures.

jaks helping daddy move the jeep

family pictures with 2 kids and 2 dogs is always entertaining :)
i love this one!!

Jakson 24 months and henry at 6 months!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Longest. Blog. Ever.

oh my gosh i stink at blogging these days. it is SO hard to find the time to do it. i feel like i am constantly doing something and when there is down time around here i can find plenty of other things to do. So here it goes...

here is what the Burfitt's have been up to the past couple of weeks~

Our nephew Westin was born. he is adorable and perfect. i love being an never gets old :)

Jakson turned two. We woke up the morning of his birthday and made birthday cake pancakes- yum!
Daddy even went into work late so he could eat breakfast with us. it is such a treat to have daddy home in the morning :)

it's impossible to get this cutie to stay still. he was such a stud in his birthday outfit :)

i brought cupcakes to his class. he still wears his birthday hat everyday :)

Mimi and Pop came over for dinner to celebrate little man's 2 years!

and he got this totally awesome tool bench that daddy made him. it rocks. ok not to brag, but my man has some pretty mad skills :) i told him what i wanted him to make and he made exactly what i had envisioned. jakson loves it. we got lots of fun tools to go along with it. everyday he is hammering, sawing, and drilling away.

the next morning he was so excited to wake up to his tools...

We had family over on Saturday night to celebrate his birthday. It was so much fun having everyone over to our house. It was a tight squeeze but great! We had a taco bar, and the chiminea going on the porch. it was so much fun!

josh and i celebrated 3 years of marriage :) josh is an amazing husband and i love him so much. i love watching him with the boys. he is such an amazing dad and always has me in awe of how much he loves his family. i could go on and on but i won't bore you :) he is awesome. i love my best friend. thanks for choosing ME babe :) i can't wait to grow old with you.

My parents offered to keep the boys overnight for our anniversary. It was the first time that we have done that since henry was born. We had a blast. We went to our favorite restaraunt in downtime c-ville. it was pouring so after hanging out downtown for a bit we just headed back home. it was weird not having the kiddos to put to bed.
we started this tradition last year. we decided that once we get to 11 years josh can start holding up his fingers too :) this pic makes me smile bc we were having so much fun. we were laughing bc the camera fell and was at an angle so we were trying to stand at a funny angle too. i LOVE this man.  

We went to Gulf Shores. we met Josh's parents out there. Thankfully the boys did awesome with only one stop. For a 7 hr car ride that is amazing!!

Gulf Shores was so fun and was in the 70's all week. People were actually in bathing suits on the beach, crazy!!
daddy and jaks at the beach

henry's first time in the sand!

such a water bug!!

chillin on the balcony with my love on Thanksgiving day :)

Henry's first Thanksgiving :)

the boys with PoppE and Gran. (or "gene" as jakson was saying this week)
henry tate is 6 months old. CRAWLING, sitting up...he is growing up way too fast. i can't believe he is halfway to a year old already. he is such a sweetie. i love this little guy :)
{i have still been doing my updates on his month by month updates. just haven't posted them. i will get around to that one day..hah, maybe :) }

Josh and i went black Friday shopping at the Outlets. We didn't last very long though. The sales weren't that great and the lines were ridiculously long. We both got a new pair of shoes and i got a new pair of jeans, and that was it!

We left on Saturday and headed to Destin to visit our good friends, matt and lindsey! We had so much fun with them :) they just built and amazing house a few blocks from the beach. they have their own little paradise down there. it was so great to get to see them and share some laughs and talk about the crazy college days...and how old we have become :)

it was pouring sunday morning when we woke up and jakson decided it would be fun to run through the lake in their backyard...with a little encouragement from matt :)

soaked. and happy :)
this boy loves a pumpkin donut just as much as his momma :) such a mess!
and that's the end. thanks for reading the blog and picture overload :)

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