Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby Engine turns ONE!!

WARNING: this post might be a bit lengthy and involves his birth story. i mean, poor baby Engine has yet to have his big blog debut, and he turned 1 yesterday. What?! crazy. and i am a slacker mom. so here it goes & don't say i didn't warn yah :) 

HIS STORY-- Finding out we were pregnant was a total shock. We were planning on spacing Henry and the next baby out a little bit. but the Lord had different plans. i was shocked, scared, excited, nervous, sad, surprised & happy all at one time. 3 kids, 3 and under. how would we do it?!

Well finding out he was a boy was awesome. i was so excited to have all boys. i already had two and they were crazy, fun and messy balls of energy. why not throw another into the mix. plus, our house was already covered in trains, cars, trucks and airplanes.

Both Henry and Jakson had family names so we decided that our last baby would just be a name that we love and we would start our own family name :) We loved the name Benjamin and i loved the name Mack, so we decided Benjamin Mack it was. Well, Jakson couldn't say Benjamin, it came out "Baby Engine." Well we thought that was the cutest thing EVER. So we all started saying it. Then one day, my sister asked Jakson if baby engine was going to have tiny hands when he came out. Jakson said, "No, he doesn't have hands, he has wheels!" Hahaha, this made us laugh so much. He even pointed to a picture in a restaurant that was a picture of a train station and he told me that was where baby engine lived! hahah. oh that kid :) So Baby Engine stuck and will continue to stick :) i love it!

 So now flash forward to a few weeks before his big arrival. this momma already had sky high blood pressure like always. {from the moment the stick shows i am pregnant, my blood pressure soars} i went in to the doc to get checked to see how i was progressing, and to our surprise the crazy boy had flipped and was now breech. so we went from excited that maybe i could get induced to thinking about a c-section. this was not my plan. i was scared, sad, nervous & fearful. the thought of surgery scared me. i know that many of you have had c-sections and everything turns out fine. i knew that and know that. but like i said, it wasn't my plan and i wanted to be in control. i knew the Lord was in control and to trust him and it would all work out as he had it planned but that was so hard. So i did everything i could-- laid in funny positions, put an ice bag on his head, put music on my belly, went to the chiropractor-- all to get that little man to flip. it was a couple weeks before he was due now and he still hadn't budged. So we went in to a specialist to see if we were candidates to do a version. A version is where they push and push on your belly to see if they can get the baby to flip into the head down positions. Praise the Lord we were!! His positioning, his size, the amount of amniotic fluid and the fact that i had already delivered two babies naturally, he thought we could do it easily but we couldn't wait too long since we didn't want engine to get any bigger or get more comfy and stuck in that awkward position. So we had a version scheduled. We knew that we would do a c-section if it didn't work and i would get induced if it did work.

the night before the version josh and i stayed at a hotel not too far from the hospital. good idea babe! we went on one more date, we got some sleep and had a night without the kiddos.

Here i am right before the version. Nervous but hopeful! 

The doctor came in and took a look at Engine and said all still looked great and he thought that this should work! They gave me something in the IV to make me feel good. He said it would feel make me feel like i had a couple glasses of wine so i said "bring it on, please!!" hah :) hey, it had been a while! They laid me back and started pushing. i knew it was working when i felt like my stomach was flipping. Probably one of the strangest feelings ever but also the most amazing feeling when i knew it was working! The nurses and my husband were amazed and so excited!!! The doctor said, "alright he is flipped, sit her up to make sure he stays that way!" They did another ultrasound to check his positioning and his heart rate and all was PERFECT!!!! oh my gosh. i cried, josh cried. i couldn't believe it. and i really couldn't believe that i ever doubted the Lord and his perfect plan. i think He was teaching me to stop trying to always be in control and to TRUST in him always.

I will spare you with all of these details. but labor progressed quickly and after two pushes, at 4:57pm, our Benjamin Mack Burfitt made his arrival. He weighed 7lb 1oz and was 19.5" long and PERFECT!! He had the chunkiest cheeks and the sweetest little chin i have ever seen. we were so in love with our son that the Lord blessed us with!! 

This little man blessed us beyond what we could have imagined. 
I could make a huge list of all of the wonderful things that we love about him but we would be here all day :) 
So I will give you a few....
He made Mr. Henry Tate a big brother, which he has LOVED :) 

He started crawling at 6 months, the little guy was ready to chase those crazy big brothers! He got his first tooth(the bottom one) at 6 months. He moved to Texas when he was 8 months old. He started walking at 10 months and he did this all on his own. I am telling you, this boy was ready to be in on the action in this house!! He says, momma, dada, hey! He is a squish from his head all the way down to his chubby toes ;) And he just got his wave down :) I am SO blessed to be little Engines mommy. i love you baby boy!! i can't wait to see all of the fun and adventures that this next year brings. Just slow it down a little please!!! 

Happy Birthday Baby Engine, 

I will leave you with a few cute pics of our little man 





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