Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love my Hubby!

This morning after Josh had gotten ready for work and kissed me goodbye, I noticed it was taking him a lot longer to leave than usual. So when I got up to make my cup of coffee, I noticed three beautiful cala lilies sitting above my sink :) With a little note underneath that read, I love you.

I just had to take a second to write about my love, Josh. I can't believe that in three days we will have been married for 6 months already. Time has seriously flown by. It is really hard to believe that in another 6 months we will have a little one around too! He makes me the happiest girl in the world. Marriage is such a beautiful thing, and we have learned so much about each other over the past 6 months. He is so patient with me, when I know I can be difficult and hard headed. He loves me unconditionally. He won't let us go to bed angry- that is such a wonderful thing to practice. He makes me feel special and loved all of the time. He loves his family and mine. He is always up to something inventive and creative around the house or outside. That is the little boy side of him that always keeps me laughing. I know he wants us to have a little boy so that he can teach him how to do that kind of stuff too! I could keep going on but I don't want to bore you :)

I can't wait to see him as a father. He is so great with kids and I know he will be the best daddy to little poppyseed. I love you Joshua!


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