Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 Month check up & 10 weeks old :)

So today was the big day. We went in for Jakson's 2 month check up and his first round of shots :(

I was a nervous wreck before getting the shots and kept changing my mind on if I should get them now or delay them..So many different opinions these days and it is hard to know who to believe! My doubts just started last night and only after reading what the people who are totally against them had to say. So after talking to the doctor and other people who we trust, Josh and I made the decision to get them. We feel like in the long run that is what is best for Jakson. I know that the Lord is taking care of him and has his hand over his precious little life. Last night while I was holding him and about to lay him down for bed, I just prayed over him. I know that the Lord is protecting my little boy. We only got 2 shots and we will get the other 2 the next time we go to the doctor. We got the 2 that the doctor felt was most important for him to have at this point.

As soon as I looked at the needles I started tearing up and got all flustered. I couldn't even watch him get them, I just held his little hand and kissed his sweet little red face! As soon as they were done I picked him up and he immediately started to calm down...that is one of my favorite parts about being a mommy. He knows me and loves me, and I just love that feeling. I nursed him as soon as the nurse left the room and he seemed to be just fine. He is still sleeping so hopefully he will be back to his normal little self as soon as he wakes up.

His 2 month(10 week) stats are:

weight- 10 lbs 6 oz- 25 percentile
height- 22 1/4"- 25 percentile
head- 15 3/4- 50 percentile

So we basically concluded that Jakson is our short chunker with a big head, hahah. just kidding!!

The doctor said Jakson looks great and seems to be in perfect health :) I was happy that he told me to take Jakson off of Zantac. He said that since he doesn't seem to be in any pain spitting up then there is no need for him to be on meds for it. He usually smiles when he spits up, haha. I was very happy to take him off of the Zantac and I wasn't really giving it to him anyways :) He said that he should grow out of it when he starts walking and eating solid food!

Well, he is starting to wake up now so I am going to go!


Summer said...

Yea for Jakson's healthy checkup!

baileyde said...

i had a hard time with it too. we decided to get all of them since i work for the pediatrician that he goes to & they told me that it was best to go ahead with all of them, but afterwards i wished i wouldn't have. he had a really bad few days following the vaccines just very sleepy & when he was awake he was screaming! so i think we'll split them up next time like you did. glad everything went well!!

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