Sunday, January 17, 2010

I can't believe you are 2 months old today! Time is really starting to fly by way too fast. I feel like you get bigger with every passing day. You are such a sweet baby boy and your mommy and daddy just can't love on you enough. I thank the Lord everyday for my baby boy.

You are 2 months and here is what you are up to...

-You are totally starting to get a little personality. On Christmas Eve morning, daddy and I were laying in bed with you and you REALLY smiled for the first time. No gas, just a happy smile. Oh my goodness, I think your daddy thought I was crazy when he saw the tears running down my cheeks! Then you were just so happy that you just started cooing..oh wow, was that the best Christmas present EVER! thank you so much baby!

-You LOVE your daddy. Just this morning I had you in bed with me and as soon as you were done eating I laid you by your daddy and you just got the BIGGEST grin on your face. I have a feeling that you two are going to do some major bonding on all of those fishing trips that he is planning for you two.

-Don't get me wrong though, you love cuddling with your momma. The other day you were at your Aunt Ashley's house while mommy ran some errands. When I picked you up you got the sweetest grin on your face when you saw me. I totally teared up. I love being your mommy :)

-You went through a growth spurt a couple of weeks ago. You just feel heavier when I pick you up and you are really filling out in those adorable cheeks!!

-You are done with preemie clothes! You are in newborns and I can put you in some 0-3 month clothes but most are just too long.

-You are still in newborn diapers. I held a 1 up to you the other day and it was HUGE!!

-You love to lay around in a diaper. That makes you sooo happy!

-You also like to be layed down on a blanket while you just smile and talk.

-You are the happiest at night. It is almost like you just get this burst of energy and just giggle and smile while your mommy and daddy talk to you.

-You kind of take a pacifier. It will calm you down for a little bit but then you spit it out.

-You are loved on by everyone!!

I love you sweet baby Jakson


Love, your momma


Baileyde said...

he's changed so much! looking great!!

Chrissi said...

awwww, I love you too, sweet baby Jaksonian!! your momma sure does write a sweet blog about you. Ster, i love what you're doing. it's like a virtual baby it <3

Summer said...

He does look a little chunkier! Too Cute!!

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