Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My husband, my best friend.

So I know that Valentines is this weekend and even though Josh and I don't really celebrate it, I do want to take a minute to talk about my hubby.

We met on a blind date. It was a double date and I really enjoyed his company and he made me laugh the entire night. I was recently single and was enjoying being single. So needless to say, he was calling and texting me and I wasn't really giving anything back. I ignored him for about a month while I explored the single world and dated around...

I decided to give him a call one day and we agreed to meet for lunch during the week. We went to panera and had some good conversation. My birthday was a few days later and I hadn't invited him to go out with us since he would have only really known me and I didn't want to have an awkward night. I was getting ready to go out and some flowers were delivered to my door. My mom had already read through the card and had a huge smile on her face when I read it. They were from Josh :) I called him quickly that night and then went to his work the next day on my red bull shift to "deliver red bulls." Ok, really it was to see Josh...

We were both out of town for Christmas but we talked on the phone and texted each other the entire time. It was on that trip that I really 'fell' for him. Our conversation was just so natural and it just felt comfortable. I was really thinking, wow this could totally be the one. We started dating as soon as we got back and yup, 7 months later we were engaged.

I just LOVE Josh with all of my heart.

He is a wonderful man who is strong in his faith. He loves the Lord with all of his heart and I know will do an amazing job raising our family up in the Lord.

He is such a hard worker. I am so lucky to be able to be at home with Jakson everyday. We trust in the Lord and know that this is what we are being called to do and we know that he will provide for us.

Not only is he a hard worker on the job but also at home. He is always fixing or making things. His newest project is making us a headboard and footboard. I am super excited about this one.

If I ask him to do something for me or for someone else, he does it with no hesitation.

He is always making me laugh.

He is honest...sometimes, too honest :)

He is sooo good lookin'. I can't believe that I snagged him ;)

He loves me and Jakson.

He is an amazing father. I just love watching him with Jakson. Watching the two of them together just brings tears to my eyes. I love my boys soooo very much! He is always helping me out with Jakson. From the moment Jakson was born if I ask Josh to do anything he will do it.

He is my best friend and soul mate :)



Chrissi said...

happy valentine's day to a lovely and wonderful couple!! i love you both :) xoxo

Matthew, Ashley, Jr and Colton Hutson said...

so sweet! love you both!

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