Saturday, February 13, 2010

snooow :)

...i mean, how cute is that face :)

i was pretty bummed when it started snowing on Friday and ruined our girls game night. but of course i have enjoyed being stuck in the house with my two boys! i had already made my oreo truffles to bring to girls night. so yes, i think i have already eaten 6 myself...i must get them out of my house ASAP. ugh, i swear, breastfeeding screws up my hormones and makes me crave chocolate 24/7!! i am baking brownies about twice a week these days. its horrible. and SO not good for my figure :) at least i am running a few times a week i guess... (:

so we got jaks out in the snow to take pictures and that's about it. it was falling on his face and he wasn't a fan. the dogs were a little skeptical about it at first but then loved it...only because it was like crushed up ice so they enjoyed eating it- crazies!

today i haven't left the house. we got up this morning and josh made me a yuuummy breakfast and we hung out and were lazy together :) Then I was sooo productive. I went through Jakson's clothes and took ones out that are getting too small(tear, sniff, sniff..) and put some clothes up that he will be wearing VERY soon. I can't believe how big he is getting, seriously!! I still want him to fit in his preemie clothes, haha. Since he still isn't sleeping in his room it was turning into more of a storage room. So i worked on that and got all of his new toys and books organized. And I cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen, and vacuumed, did laundry... i am proud of myself if you can't tell. I just love starting a week off with a clean house. makes me happy inside!

i was a little bummed that the snow and cold weather canceled my long run with the ladies this weekend. so i have to do that tomorrow...hopefully it will warm up a little and if it doesn't I guess I will have to make a trip to the gym. oh i do not like you.

Josh is at the store right now getting things to make calzones tonight...i am SUPER excited :) i love lazy nights at home with my family!

We had a visitor this afternoon. One of my good friends Lindsey, who i haven't seen in FOREVER came over today to see baby J(that's what she calls him and i love it). It was so wonderful seeing her and catching up. I just love her so much and have really missed her. We had a wonderful visit and Frank was super excited to see her. Franky loved Lindsey and he missed her just as much as I had missed her!! Here is jaks with Lindsey...ignore the creeper in the background :)


Chrissi said...

so cute!! glad Lindsey came to visit! LOve you!

Lindsey said...

I love this!! SO good seeing you guys and My Baby J!!! He loved his Aunt Linds as much and Frank does!! See you soon. Give my little man some love for me. I love you!!!!

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