Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jakson's first night in his crib

Yesterday the nice UPS man dropped off Jakson's monitor, so I decided it would be the night he started sleeping in his crib.

He has been sleeping from about 11-6 or 7, except for Monday night when he woke up at 3 and 6:30. But I decided that might have just been a one night thing so I was going to put him in his crib anyways.

Jakson started getting sleepy eyes at 10:45 so I told Josh lets go do it. He looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently, he didn't think I was serious about it. He got all deep on me and started talking about how he couldn't believe how fast Jakson is growing up. It was kind of cute hearing him talk like that :)

So we did our nightly routine up in his room. It was a family affair. I rocked Jakson in his glider and nursed him while Josh and the pups laid on the floor. We swaddled Jaks up and found a good spot for his monitor for now. We will eventually mount it to the ceiling above his crib. We got the Summer's infant best view video monitor. It is pretty awesome. I can watch him all night and it does the whole pan, scan and zoom for when he starts moving at night :)

The monitor has little LED lights on it for the night vision feature and it was the CUTEST thing ever. We put Jaks down, kissed him goodnight, turned off the lights and went downstairs. Jakson just stared at the monitor. He looked like the most adorable little deer in headlights. His big eyes just stared at us in the moniter until they turned to sleepy eyes and shut. Oh my gosh, I cried. And of course Josh just had to say it- "why are you crying!?" I responded with, "shut up." Nice, huh? But he quickly realized that he shouldn't make fun of me. He needs to get used to me being an emotional mommy. I just feel like my sweet little baby is growing up so fast.

So we went to bed...well I should say Josh went to bed. I stared at Jakson for about an hour. Every little noise he made, I would look at the monitor. Of course, it was just a deep breath. It was just so weird having him upstairs while we are downstairs. I finally dozed off and woke up at 3 to his sweet little cry. I seriously have never been so happy to hear his cry at 3am. I went upstairs and nursed him in the glider. Put him back down at 3:30 and he woke up again at 7. I went and got him and put him in bed with me while Josh was getting ready for work.

I'm not sure why he is waking up at 3 again but hopefully he isn't getting into a habit of this. I'm so proud of my little baby even though I missed him like crazy.


Chrissi said...

I'm proud of you :)

Take some pictures, I want to see what this gadget looks like!

teachermommy said...

So glad you posted this! I was wondering if the monitor had come yet :)

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