Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday, FUNday :)

After church I made Josh take a few pictures with us and our little chunk chunk :)

Josh and I wanted to do something today to get out of the house and enjoy the gorgeous weather, so we decided to head up to Rome, Ga. Rome is only 15 minutes from our house and we haven't been there since we have been married.

Jakson and I by the river

He loves his sling :]

What a fun day!!

We just drove up there and went down by the river. It was so pretty and Josh took lots of pictures of me and Jakson. I was very thankful because I don't have too many of just the two of us when I am actually looking decent and showered.

We had a wonderful day. After the river we ate an early dinner at Panera Bread, got some starbucks and did a little TJMaxx shopping. It was so much fun and I loved every second with my two boys. Thankfully Jakson is back to his normal self and is over his yucky sickness. It was a rough end of the week but we are all good now!

I am so excited about the weather tomorrow. it is supposed to be 67 degrees :) too bad I will be getting a cavity filled...bummer.


NBG said...

Did you really just have that baby? I'm not convinced- you're tiny! Look great!

Pavement and Prada said...

I just discovered you and Chrissi's blogs!! I LOVE the headline image of your blog, precious! Hope you're doing well!

Chrissi said...

love your little family....cute post ;)

miss you! xo

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