Friday, April 23, 2010

folks, we have an eater :)

Sooo, Jakson loves to eat! Haha, it is so funny to me. I swear he grows by the day! I just love all of his little rolls. The other night while I was at the concert Josh watched him from 5 until he went to bed, and he ate 16 oz of milk. Haha...umm he needs to start crawling so he can start working this big appetite off :) Last night we fed him at the table with us while we ate dinner. He ate sweet potatoes and made a HUGE mess but was loving every second. He is such a cutie...

and yes, those are sweet potatoes on his head :)

Just so you know the following photo was supervised. And Frank wouldn't hurt a fly :) Jakson is really starting to notice the dogs and is always staring at them and laughing at them. The other night Frank came to lay next to Jakson and it was so cute. So of course, we took pictures :)
I like to call this picture, I'll lick your hand if you lick mine

Jakson played his piano with his hand yesterday instead of his feet and he LOVED it. Ugh, i love this boy!


The Kimmels said...

I adore that photo of Jakson with Frank's paw in his mouth! Cracks me up!

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