Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Owl City concert

Last night was my first night out without Josh or Jakson. They had a little guys night while I went to the Owl City concert with my sister, Chrissi. It was fun! Owl City was really good and it was just a fun concert. He had these two girls on stage who were like little back-up dancers. It was just fun to watch. Well, besides the fact that Owl City is one of those performers who is just kind of painful to watch. He just moves around stage really weird...haha, you almost can't explain it. Anyways-- Chrissi had told me that he is a christian before the concert. It was really neat. He sang this one song and was basically worshiping the Lord on stage. It was just really neat to see that, especially when you aren't expecting it. Here is the song--it was very short and sweet but just really cool and gave us both goosebumps.


Chrissi said...

yep...goosebumps again. man, that was a neat moment! thanks for joining me last was so fun :)

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