Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i have a preschooler, whaaaaat?!?!

well, looks like we officially have a little preschooler. can't. even. believe it!

he is all registered and ready to go. we have open house on sunday and then he starts on monday!

i am way nervous and am pretty sure i will shed some tears on his first day. i know that he is going to have so much fun though!

and yes i am totally going to be that mom that goes in with him on the first day snapping pictures like crazy :) yup, that will be me and i have no shame.

here are some of my favorites of our most recent pictures...

they love each other :)

spaghetti face :)


oh my goodness, i love my little chubber wubber!!

sweet boys!

playing in mimi and pop's front yard in the pool...and naked :) one happy kid!

henry tate and i with Mimi

i hope you are all having a wonderful week!



Laina said...

aww what cuties!! can't wait to see his first day of kindergarten pics. you should look on pintrest for first day of school pics he could hold up a cute sign or something :) or didn't we make a school looking chalkboard for henrys room?! you could write "first day of preschool" on it. Anyway can't wait to see y'all this weekend!!

Rebecca said...

I love that first Pic! So typical of an older sibling to get in the younger sibling's face hahaha! I feel like every family has a picture just like that :-) Love it!!

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