Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This weather is CrAzY!

Yesterday Jakson and I met my mom at the park to run in the beautiful 60 degree weather.

Today I wasn't able to make it to my sisters house to spend the night because of how much slush was on the roads from all of the SNOW.

Hmm, just a little weird to me. And I wonder why we are all getting sick!

Oh well. So Jakson and I were able to make it to my mom and dad's house so we didn't have to stay home alone while Josh is on a business trip. I am SUCH a baby.

We did have a very lazy but fun day. I love getting to spend time with my parents and I know that Jakson enjoys it too.

We are excited to spend the night at my sister's house tomorrow night. Haha, I feel homeless :/

Anyways, it's bed time and we are missing daddy. Goodnight :)

Here are some pictures that I took tonight...

He is getting so good at holding his head up

I just love this little cutie



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