Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 months along with baby #2 and Jakson's first public meltdown

So i am officially 16 weeks pregnant...
How far along? 16 weeks (4 months)

Total weight gain/loss? at my 15 week appointment i had gained 4 lbs, which takes me back to 2 lbs since i had lost 2 the last month!

Maternity clothes? Nope but i am running out of jeans that fit me and i can't find my belly bands anywhere...erggg! (i think i accidentally gave them to goodwill)

Stretch marks? nope.

Sleep? great!

Best moment last week? Going to the doctor and hearing my sweet baby's heartbeat

Movement? Nope, but i felt Jakson's first flutters at 16 weeks so i am hoping to feel them soon!

Food cravings? sweet tea and chick-fil-a :)

Gender? We find out in 3 weeks...woohoooo!!

Labor signs? Nope

Belly button in/out? In

What I miss: sleeping on my belly

What I am looking forward to: hopefully feeling some movement soon and finding out what we are having!

Milestones: Baby is the size of an avacado

So my fun story of the night...

Jakson had his first official public meltdown tonight. it was one of those moments where i just had to pretend that people weren't staring at me and just continue to eat my delicious soup and salad.
Here is the story...my twin sister and i decided to take the kiddos to dinner at Panera Bread tonight. It started out all fine..we even saw some people we knew who were commenting on how sweet and cute our kids were. Well we sat down to eat and Jakson got mad at me for not letting him play with his juice box and making him eat his food, then he wanted colton's food and colton's chocolate milk and needless to say he was screaming and there was nothing i could do to stop him. then colton got upset bc jakson was stealing his milk...ash and i just looked at eachother and said, "maybe we should just leave." I poke my head out of the booth and I just see faces staring at me and giving me the 'get your sreaming child out of here look.' So we left...with my screaming child in hand. haha, what a night :)

I know what your thinking-- how could this sweet face be screaming crying, hah. ohh he has it in him :)
photo (3)
(i love this pic i took of him eating his breakfast this morning and i REALLY love his new high chair that i bought at a flea market a couple of weeks ago)


Jordan said...

I don't think Chick fl a counts as a "craving" for you... LOL!

A-town said...

next time video tape it. then turn it on the people staring. that will make them stop.

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