Monday, December 20, 2010

just another day and one year older.

so today i turned the big 2-5. it is amazing to me to think back to when i was in high school. i remember always saying, "by 25 i want to married and have kids." and look at me..married to an amazing man. we have a beautiful baby boy and another munchkin on the way. i am so, so thankful. that is pretty much all that i have thought about today. i have been blessed with an amazing family and amazing friends. i am so grateful for the true friendships in my life. so that is the word that i would describe today with...thankful.

josh gave me my birthday/christmas present last night. that boy loves me, i tell you what. when we bought our camera during the summer we said it was my Christmas present. but he surprised me and let me pick out a new lens for my camera for birthday and christmas present. such a sweetie :) so i picked out the Canon 35mm f/2 lens. and i LOVE it. here is jaks and i after i got it all set up...

we haven't done much today. i have done some dishes and tidied up a little around the house but for the most part i just hung out with my boy and relaxed. oh and i went for a walk/jog on the treadmill. and took some pictures in the backyard of my little guy with my awesome new lens. check em' out :)

this is jakson in his newest spot to hang out--the treadmill. LOVE this face, hah.

all he wanted for Christmas were his two front teeth. and he got them!

the boy and his dogs. pals for life :)

did i mention he is totally a walker now. he is over that crawling business.

Josh came home from work with some beautiful roses for me...he is so good :) then we headed out to dinner.
they took me to my favorite place to eat in Cartersville, Appalachian Grill. YUM!! It was a great night with my boys. a perfect ending to the perfect day!

tonight at dinner jakson did so great. flirting with every waitress, of course, but was just loving a night out with mom and dad. Well then i let him drink some of my water and it was all over bc then he wants to hold it and i wouldn't let him, so he threw a fit and just snowballed from there...

so we started to get all packed up and got the check to get out of these before he annoyed everyone in this fancy little restaurant. Well there was this little elderly couple was sitting across from us and the lady stopped me and said, "you aren't leaving, are you??" and i explained that we were trying to get out of there since he was crying and she said, "i wish you would stay. We are grandparents and we love that sound!" how sweet!! i just loved that. most people will give you dirty looks, so it was so comforting to hear someone say that! i just wanted to hug her :)


A-town said...

BUFF that lens is AMAZING! I want it I need some details

Laina said...

aw how fun!! i love that lense, i need to learn about camera's can you teach me?

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