Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas time is here!

I am sooo excited that it is December, my most favorite month :) Get to spend time with my man, my little man, family and friends!
jakson 12 mo 017

Here are some pics I took of Jakson Wednesday night while we waited on daddy to get home from work. He loves the Christmas lights and Christmas tree!

jakson 12 mo 013

Don't make fun of our Charlie Brown tree this year, haha. we decided to save some money
this year and just use the fake one that Josh had in the attic. But don't pine candle from Bath and Body Works is still giving me my awesome pine scent. i love that thing!
jakson 12 mo 020

and YES, he is walking! standing up on his own and walking from couch to toy, and even walking clear across the room.
jakson lights
He is getting so confident and LOVING it. he just does it on his own. and if he falls, he gets right back up and trys again. he just has a huge grin on his face as he does it. but of course, if he wants get somewhere fast, he crawls, haha. my guess is he will be a total walker by the end of this week. (daddy watched him last night while i was at my women's bible study, and said that he was standing up in the middle of the room by himself with out anything to lean on and walking. and now he is doing it for me this morning. i just cried as he did it for the first time. my boy is growing up!!)
jakson 12 mo 004

and our CHRISTMAS CARDS CAME!! i love love love them :) now i just have to address them. bummer, hah. i think i will be doing that this weekend and get them out on monday. i was like a little kid waiting on them the other day. whenever i heard something that could be a delivery truck i would run to the window, hah.

we had my OB appt yesterday. i had an incredibly stressful morning, and i just knew that my bp would be through the roof. on the way to the appt (after almost being run off the road by an oversize load truck going 85mph down the highway) i just gave it all to the Lord. i knew he was in control and just asked him to take care of the situation. i got to my appt and my bp was 106/72!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! i asked the lady if the cuff was broken, hah. PRAISE THE LORD :)

results from the appt- i'm 15 weeks, everything looks great. bp- great! weight, i have gained 2 lbs. we heard the sweet heart beat, and that sound never gets old.

we find out DECEMBER 30TH if we will be having a precious girl or another sweet little boy. I CAN'T EVEN WAIT. sooo eeeeeexxxccited!!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend,


Chrissi said...

these pictures are TOO cute!! he is growing up for sure! love you guys!!


Laina said...

You tree looks great! and i can't believe he is walking!! they grow up so fast :) Cant wait to find out if it's a he or a she!!!

Jessica & Mike Summers said...

EEEEE!! I am so excited! So many things going on in your life right now!!!!! Hah!

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