Wednesday, February 2, 2011

24 weeks!

How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? 8 lbs

Maternity clothes? i am either wearing my jeggings, leggings, maternity jeans. i have started wearing some maternity shirts and can wear a few of my regular shirts still

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep? my body pillow is aMaZiNg!! weird dreams still..and i mean SO weird.

Best moment last month? Jakson touching my belly and saying "bay bay"

Movement? Yes, especially at night when i finally sit still. He is officially jabbing my ribs.

Food cravings? toasted peanut butter and banana sandwiches, milk (going through a gallon of 2% milk every week. Yikes! I did the same at the end of my pregnancy with jakson), oh and bring on the burgers, fries, sweet tea, pop tarts, and anything spicy. pretty much, i just love all food and the heartburn hates it :)

Gender? it's a BOY, Henry Tate, named after my daddy!

Labor signs? nope. braxton hicks have started though!

Belly button in/out? it can't decide...

What I miss: sleeping on my belly, running

What I am looking forward to: getting his room started and meeting my sweet man in a few short months!

Milestones: henry is the length of an eggplant and weighs about 1.7 lbs

check out the month by month growth so far...
6 months--

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4 months--

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Laina said...

you are just the cutest preggo lady :) and lets get started on this room!

A-town said...

I have to agree with alaina. the cutest!

Esther (Oefshop) said...

You look so beautiful !! And you would also look very very pretty in a Mood Kit. Don't know what is it? The cutest maternity kit made in France... Have a look at it ;)

The Guff said...

OMG toasted peanut butter and banana sounds SO good!!! You look fantastic!

AGrowingNest said...

So cute! I did a really terrible job keeping up with belly pics when I was prego. These will be fun to look back on :)

Rachel said...

I am new to blogging and found yours! I love how you capture your families memories! And if I ever get pregnant again, I want to update like you have on your blog!

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